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NHL thursday with flmmkrz

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  • NHL thursday with flmmkrz

    Duckies no showed for me last night, not a good team but turned a profit anyway. Hope to continue that today:

    Philly ml -163 to win 3 units

    like philly fading the B's. Everyones explained this one in the discussion thread

    Philly/Boston o5.5 @ -114 to win 2 units

    Philly can and does score on everybody so putting up goals for them tonight likely wont be an issue, its can Boston contribute something on their end and my thinking is Emery is good for a couple as the flyers are nowhere near airtight on the back end. Hoping it sails over.

    couple more plays to come. Just waiting on goalie info

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    GL!...lets hope PHI can come through. This is where PHI usually doesn't which scares me. Goaltending is an issue as is playing hard. ONLY way PHI loses this game is if they are outworked or get a bad goalie performance.
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      PHI is not going to be a team you want to make big plays on this year. Honestly, i will look to play PHI games over and TT's over.

      heartattack way to win, but a W is a W
      I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !