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  • NHLRS Tuesday

    great last couple of weeks......hit with STL as i mentioned in the discussion thread friday and then got a nice bone job with DET outshooting Colorado 50-20 and losing Saturday....did notch a couple of other winners with Philly that day.....kind of cool watching hockey in the multiple games going...good stuff.....

    couple small home favorites tonight.......

    EDM -130.........i mean COL is going to go 380-1 this year. This is getting rediculous honestly and the lines keep telling you that in the long run, COL is going to lose their share. EDM off of 2 losses to Canadian rivals and i think are better than they have played in those 2. Very good at home this year, and lets be honest, Anderson isn't going to play this way all season and when he has an average game, COL really becomes an ordinary team. Like EDM to turn the ship around at home.

    WAS this play....PHI playing 4I6 versus a caps team that has won 4 straight and probably would like to atone for the loss in PHI earlier this season. Still don't like PHI back end much and Emery has awful numbers in WAS.

    have some time to jump back into the discussion mode after tomorrow.....

    GL to everyone!
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !

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    Like them both. I dont know what it is but i have no confidence in Emery at all. I wanted the Leafs to sign him in the offseason with the hopes he'd return to his old form but after seeing a couple Flyers games he just looks small in the net and not to confident.
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      I like the caps over phil but I still dont get a great feeling about the Oilers. You guys make any money off from the Maple leafs last night? I had 300 on the money line. I knew they were due. Gl with the picks:beerbang:


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        I got screwed on the wings too, the youngsters are contributing but Anderson makes that Avs team its just sick how well he's playing.

        Love the Caps play and am all over it myself. Also took the under in that one but pushed it up to 6.5, bad blood between these 2 teams they'll be up for it tonight and I think they play it close rather than get into a shootout, they've exploded a couple times in the past but for the most part these have been lower scoring games. No Gagne either.

        Not so sure about the oil game, they're playing 4 in 6 themselves, teams been battling the flu, still no Staios or Souray, Comries just getting back tonight but shouldn't be 100%, its asking a lot for them to beat the avs in their form, they were awful vs Van, like a shell of the team they were a week ago even. They might get past the avs but Im not dyin to lay chalk there, I was thinking the avs were the fade tomorrow vs calgary IF they pull the W here tonight vs the oil. Hope you nail it tho cause im not sure i wanna lay -170 on the flamers but I will if the avs force my hand lol


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          everyone- THX!....

          flmrrz- i hear you on EDM but line says take EDM so I am IMO.


          PHI/WAS Under6 1/2............every yahoo on the net has "10 unit plays of the year" on the over, "because they scored lots of goals in the opener and says it's going to be a barnburner"....lmao...typical public. See my thoughts in Flmrrz thread and pretty much echo what he wrote here.

          GL to everyone!
          I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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            GL today FF! :thumbs:
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              Flyersfan hmmmmm? good luck tonight.


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                looks like 2-1 tonight and +1.4Units.......

                i am going to fade COL big time tomorrow night and that may be my only play.....

                GL to everyone!
                I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !