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NHL Sunday 3/4

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  • NHL Sunday 3/4

    ytd 48-28 (+39.45 units)

    To basically the entire hockey forum :thx: yesterday with the Isles :thumbs:

    I decided to do a 2 team parlay today, odds are +139:

    NJ Devils -250
    Anaheim -140

    1 unit to win 1.39 units

    Both games include OT and shootout.

    I considered just playing Anaheim at -140, but went ahead and added NJ to it and made it a parlay to get better odds. I just don't think Boston is in any type of situation to pull the upset at NJ today, and I don't think NJ will let it happen i went ahead and added it for the increased payout if Anaheim wins. If NJ loses, then bad choice on my part, lol

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    gl stiff!


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      Stiff- GL!...don't know if you read my thoughts on the NJD game, but i think there is a distinct scheduling advantage for the NJD for a lot of reasons, and Brodeur has been good vs. BOS to boot. Hope they come through......GL!
      I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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        Yes I did actually. The scheduling advantage was one of the things that made me decide to throw em in the parlay and go for the +139 payout instead of laying -140 for Anaheim on a straight bet

        Hope it works out. It's a real ****ter when I lose on a big fave, considering I play mostly dogs, lol


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          OH well, NJ lost. It still actually saved me a little money by doing the parlay than laying the -140 if Anaheim loses too...either that or it'll cost me the win, lol.