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  • BetED

    Kevin, dunno how good you are in with betED, but I thought I'd pass this along.

    a friend of mine was looking for a book to make a quick deposit, only he couldn't use CCs, so I referred him to betED after seeing it advertised on this site.

    he proceeded to deposit $250 into the account, only to have them take $700 out instead. his account was overdrawn, but he was credited with 700 in his beted account. he didnt do anything else, and called them to correct the problem, he didnt say if they were rude or not helpful, only that they bragged that it was the best way/easiest way to deposit money online being through their website. he had to argue that though it is easy, they screwed up and took an amount not authorized. ultimately they corrected the problem, but it did cause a bit of stress for him and has turned him off from this book..

    kinda strikes me as shady, and hope this isnt the norm with them, so not that I want to smear them, but just pass along word in case someone else might run into this problem.


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    We appreciate it.

    This is the first complaint we've heard about them in 2 yrs.

    I would hope that this is an isolated incident.

    I'm glad to hear they took care of it. Out of all the people we deal with, they are actually one of the more up and up companies.


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      i used them last summer deposited 300 built it into 2k was betting between 100-200 a game they put a cap max bet of $25 on my plays when i got to around i withdrew all my money and thats my story of using BETED
      ****all plays 4.4 units to win 4 units unless otherwise noted****

      NBA 20-22 -16.8 units
      NHL 1-0 +4.0 units
      MLB 0-1 -4.8 units
      CFB 12-6-1 +21.6 units


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        Kev, I just started using BetEd and they do something interesting. It's called "Fantasy U-Match" where you pick 2 teams playing during the weekend in the NFL or NCAA, and it creates a spread between the 2 teams. The one thing I can't figure out is how do I win? Do they compare the scores of the 2 teams? Is it the amount which they each win/lose their game by? I'm confused, and anyone that can help me I would appriciate it.


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          Hi Nitt,

          Im not familiar with it, Im sorry.

          I recommend that you call their customer service.


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            Max from betED was kind enough to notice this post and give us an answer:

            You win if your team's score, plus or minus the fantasy point spread, is higher than the score of the opponent you chose. (with a tie being a push).


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              Thanks Kevin