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Round Robins? ighest Parlay Payout?

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  • Round Robins? ighest Parlay Payout?

    Quick question, helping my dad find a book, I know I can get a %21 bonus if I get him on my book (Kev if he goes through this site, and then puts me as a referal, would we both get referral or would only one of us. But anyway my dad is another guy who got scared off with the regs that came out but he has decided to jump back in.. he is a big parlay player, and he also enjoys Round robins, i noticed that Sports rarely does round robins, however they have a fairly solid parlay payout, is there any site with the highest parlay payout it appears they all seem to vary very slightly.
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    I use 5dimes for my round robin plays. I'm not sure if they are the highest parlay odds but I like their software when it comes to playing round robins.


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      Im not positive, but i think has the best parlay odds going right now. They have the progressive pars too that are kinda cool.

      As for the referral, Im not sure on that one!