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  • Hacked?

    First off.

    I logged on to and it looked like it got hacked. It had all garbled text and all back end information. The heading had spiders on top of the page. Weird s***!


    Has anyone used They give a pretty bad rating and a lot of bad write ups. Just wondering how reliable they are.


    Still having problems getting checks cut in a timely fashion. Is anyone else experiencing these problems.


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    I just checked, nothing appeared to be hacked on this end outside or inside their site.

    As far as the site goes that you mentioned, there are a hell of a lot of politics involved.

    There was some issue with players making correlated parlays getting their accts shut down and some funds kept, which I dont know full details on, but in all the years we've had them we haven't gotten any complaints.

    Checks take a couple weeks to a month which is fairly standard anymore.

    There are however a few books that pay within a few days, but not many.


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      Follow Up

      Thanks for the response.

      It seems like the problem was only temporary. The site was back to normal 10 min later.

      I actually had a check delivered to me in under 2 weeks. WOW!

      I don't know if this was one time thing or what. I'm usually the first to complain, but it seems like they got their s*** together.

      Hope the trend continues.