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How Many Guys That Bet With Bet US have been Paid.

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  • How Many Guys That Bet With Bet US have been Paid.

    I used BETUS back last March during the NCAA basketball Tourny.I bet college and pro basketball,they were real nice.They took my credit card # over the phone,everything was yes sir and no sir,give me my little password,and I was on my way.I put 1000 in my account to start with.Fiddled with it for about a week lost it.(no big deal,I used to do it with the local bookie all the time)Put in another 1000 eventually after going up and down,I losy it.So I put in another 1ooo,week of the final four I could not miss.I turned it into 3500,so I ask for $2000 payout,and they went through the whole bit where I had to fax this,and e-mail this drivers liscense,and picture of the credit card,and I had to sign a bunch of stuff.Alright I can dig that,so I did all that stuff,and they tell me it will be about 3 weeks.I ask about Western Union,no they said they had to either mail it to me or put it into my checking account.So I agreed to have them mail it to me,at that time I was going through a divorce,and me and my ex had our accounts frozen till after the divorce.I waited two months never heard a word from nobody.Waited another 3 months still nothing,I call again get the same damn stupid questions.I was so furious after 5 months,and my friends that bet with other sports books were getting their money when ever they wanted it.I called one more time,and raised hell.The next day somebody called me.and told me they would be sending it to me.I never recieved it.I called about the first of football season,and nobody knew what the hell I was talking about,they said that account had been closed,and paid off.I don't get it they got money to send all these damn calenders,and dvds with former playboy playmates on them,well I see how they afford it.That's alright I had a great football season witha great sportsbook,that pays the next day if I want it.I hope none of you other guys have had this problem.

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    Wow that sounds horrible. Sorry to hear that. I think I get their magazines too but I don't play with them. I use sportsbook and don't have problems with payments except jan-jun last year when they were having a lotta trouble.


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      I've gotten paid out at least 2x by them. It has been since September though since I requested a payout.

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      Sides: +17.4 units
      Totals: +0 units
      In Game (Not posted) -0.6 units
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      All 2021 NHL:+14.9 units


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        never had a problem. slow at first, but much quicker now :beer2:


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          never had a problem ..actually some of the best Customer service I have had.
          Roll Tide


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            The good thing about playing with our advertising sportsbooks is that if anybody here has a problem we go to bat for them and you better believe it'll get rectified.

            With that being said, some books do have some things in their "FINE PRINT" that we don't necessarily agree with however there will be no screw jobs without reason as long as we're referring you to a joint.