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  • BETUS representative - please read this

    I don't know if Betus reps read this section of the forum or if someone like Kevin could pass this along, it would be great.

    I like to wager on MMA (mixed martial arts) events quite frequently. BetUS heavily advertises on which is a very popular website. How is it that the sportsbook which advertises most, is the slowest and most uncooperative to post lines for these MMA events. I'm not talking about obscure events either, I'm talking about televised stuff. The other week, WEC 32 was shown live on versus. Bookmaker and bodog both opened the lines Monday evening. Betus didn't have lines posted till probably 5 hours before the event.... This caused me to lose tremendous value on a particular fighter, extremely frustrating. This Saturday night, there is a strikeforce event being shown live on HDNET. Again bookmaker and bodog have had the lines up for the entire week. However, betus has failed to get them up. I called the wagering line, the csr rep tells me that the only mma events they're going to offer is UFC82. Ok, thats great, ufc 82 falls under their "UFC" section, and isn't till March 1st. They transfer me to a manager, I get hung up on. I call back in, speak to a manager. I ask him why they're so slow to post lines and he said its a popularity thing. Ok, so betting on totally obscure props (like the name of some celebrity's baby) gets more action?! He tells me that hes gonna forward a message along to try to get the event posted. Ok thats cool, but at the same time its pathetic how much they advertise on mma websites. Bookmaker NEVER advertises on mmaweekly, yet is the FIRST to post lines. 5dimes, bodog always get the lines up around bookmaker... it really shows how unprofessional betus is as an online book. With that said, I'm sick of betus, and will be cashing out after this weekend.

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    Do you need a beer now? :beerbang:

    If I posted it once, I've posted it a hundred times: run with multiple books!!!



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      lol @ beer (sounds really good right now actually) hd - I agree...however I hate to share my personal information with multiple books, especially with hassle of payouts. Only reason I left bookmaker is because they don't do parlays with any mma events... I still believe they're awesome. 5dimes does parlays for mma though and they seem really solid :)


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        You know you didnt miss anything with that Strikeforce card Buddy! :laughing: Pathetic! I hear you loud and clear, BULLSH@T!! Ill knever get over the dumb ass crap you can bet on "the sex of J-LO's baby, or whether or not Brittney will get comitted to the nut hut"? Then they want to piss and moan about MMA not being popular??? They are missing out on the hottest thing going. Thier loss YUKON, take your action elsewhere! Although I shouldnt run my mouth, I won $200 on Michael Jackson being found not guilty a couple years back:thumbs: But you're right. My guess is, a couple years from now they will be begging guys like you to comeback?? If not, the hell with them! Clear your mind YUKON, I need you with a focused thought process for this weekend. Im pumped for UFC 82 and I know you're right there with me! :beerbang:


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          For about a month, betus got their **** together and fixed their problem of not adding lines nad being late on everything. This kept me from totally dropping them as I still had money in my account.

          UFC 84 is saturday, betus always posts the early lines of the popular/biggest fights (usually 1-3 fights). However, the FULL CARD should be posted on Tuesday before the Saturday of the fights. Its now late Friday afternoon, the full card still isn't posted. I call in to speak with a manager, this dumbass aparently doesn't understand english as I need to explain four times to him what I'm asking. Every other sportsbook has the full card posted... WTF CAN BETUS NOT GET THEIR **** TOGETHER. UFC isn't some bush league sporting event that would warrant the lines not getting updated frequently... there are alot of mma fans now that like to wager.

          Kevin - you told me that betus representatives saw this thread a couple months ago and that they would take care of me, and to let you know. Well they didn't take care of me... I never heard anything from them, and they're still pathetic witih MMA/UFC lines being posted on time.


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            yukon yukon yukon :beerbang:

            I also don't understand, and it drives me bonkers, why BetUS takes down their horse racing stuff at midnight every Friday night???? I was betting Hollywood Park and Los Alamitos last night and then "POOF!"... like Kaiser Soze, it was gone.

            Happens every week too... Don't understand it for the life of me? :dunno:

            I have never sunk a dime into that place, just using the BCS Competition money via this great place, but I don't think I ever would deposit because some strange things seem to go on there.


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              i actually really like betus but i don't bet on the weird sports. I love their underdog lines.


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                Originally posted by Daws1089 View Post
                i actually really like betus but i don't bet on the weird sports. I love their underdog lines.
                That IS the only thing good about them...Inflated lines.