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No depositing issues at Intertops!

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  • No depositing issues at Intertops!

    <a href="">Intertops</a> presents a new deposit method for U.S. customers: <b>the InterPAY debit card!</b>

    Following the withdrawal of many of the major online payment providers from the US market, online sportsbook, casino and poker room has just introduced a new and viable solution for worldwide online gaming payments!

    InterPAY is the newest prepaid debit card payment solution. InterPAY enables the transfer of funds from personal credit cards to an InterPAY account and from there directly into an account - it's quick and easy!

    Card activation is instant and it only takes a matter of minutes to fund the account.
    The physical InterPAY debit card will be sent by mail within two weeks of signing up.

    InterPAY debit card is also the most convenient way to cash out winnings! They can simply be withdrawn at millions of ATMs worldwide - meaning no more waiting for transactions!

    For more information please see the payment page.

    The <a href="">Intertops</a> sportsbook is a true global operator with top odds on all of the world's major sports. Established in 1983 and online since 1996, it was the first sportsbook ever to offer betting on the Net! The casino and poker room are powered by the Microgaming platform.

    <center><a href="">CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!</a></center>

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    kevin fill me in on intertops never heard of them they look like a book that caters strictly to euro. betters and not americans at all will you fill us all in before we think about using them? Thanks in advance
    ****all plays 4.4 units to win 4 units unless otherwise noted****

    NBA 20-22 -16.8 units
    NHL 1-0 +4.0 units
    MLB 0-1 -4.8 units
    CFB 12-6-1 +21.6 units


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      Intertops was actually one of the first books online.

      They have an option where you can set odds/prices to euro or american.

      Pretty good book with a ton of offerings. Very stable. LIke I said above, they were one of the first online. Maybe you haven't heard of them because they dont pay to advertise in many places. Their so huge that unless you have an in with their marketing dept. or accept a lower ad rate you won't get them as an advertiser.

      Their as solid as it gets.


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        My first account was at Intertops. They cater to the Bodog crowd, if you catch my drift. :thumbs:


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          Kevin, I talked to someone on the phone from Intertop today and the lady told me they were NOT issuing anymore InterPAY Cards... Could it have been that she was mistaken?


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            They may have stopped. Sorry for the bad info.

            I have heard that echecks will be making a big comeback at many books shortly as well.


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              Why I hate Intertops

              I want to share my story about Intertops.

              They were my first book as well. This was years ago, of course. But I'll never forget how they screwed me out of a $5,000 win!!

              I was drunk, looking for **** to bet on. I put $64 on Alastair Forsythe to win some golf tournament (Dubai Classic or Open or whatever it's name is...I just remember it was in the god-awful desert heat), an 80-1 shot. I put $64 on him and like $20+ on each of the other 4 or 5 that were longshots.

              Well sure as ****, Alastair won the tournament. So I should have had a little over 5k in my account. I checked my account the next day, and there it was, all of it was there.

              I come home from work later and log back in and my account was disabled with a message to call support. I called those ****ers and they told me that 80-1 was a mistake, it should have been 4-1. And if they make a mistake, they have the right to correct it at any time. And I'm like 'are you kidding me? Alastair Forsythe is an unknown, never won anything, and you are telling me you made a mistake posting hiim as 80-1 instead of 4-1?' That's the story they stuck to...those ****ers.

              So I took my 250 buck win and cashed out - took them a week to cash me out too! I've never been back, and wouldn't send my worst enemy to them.

              As they are in Antigua, and I don't have a lawyer, and well, you get the drift...I didn't have any options....anyway, that's my bad beat story.
              If a guy doesn't have any gamble in him, he ain't worth a crap - Evel Knievel
              What's done in the dark will be brought to the light -Johnny Cash