Q: Which online sportsbooks offer the best signup bonuses?

A: Bonus offers come in all shapes and sizes. The standard offering ranges from 10% to 100%. Something to keep in mind is that the bigger bonus offers "generally" have longer holds and higher rollovers.

What is a hold? This is a period of time in which you're not allowed to make a withdraw. If the sportsbooks were to give out bonuses and allow the players to cash them in without any "hold", they'd go broke, hence the hold. It's normal, standard and to be expected. Longer hold times might apply to some of the bigger bonus offers you see on the web. We've seen holds anywhere from 30 days to 90 days, depending on the sportsbook/offer. The sportsbooks offer you free money/bets to acquire you as a client and KEEP you as a client. Not put themselves in a hit and run position where they carry all the risk and you the reward. The proposition is a fair one.

What is a rollover? Almost all bonus offers are subject to a "rollover". This simply means that you need to place X amount of wagered loot before the free bonus money actually becomes yours to withdrawl. Let's take a look at an example of a rollover:

Let's say you deposit $100 at an online bookie and they give you a 25% bonus. (which is $25). Let's say they require a 10x rollover. Some sportsbooks only make you rollover the bonus amount 10x. Some make you rollover the bonus plus deposit amount 10x. It's all up to the sportsbook and frankly this is a fair offer either way. Let's assume the book is asking you to rollover the dep + bonus 10x. This means you need to place $125x10=$1250 in wagers before you're eligible to claim the bonus money as yours. Keep in mind that there is likely to be a 30, 60 or 90 day hold on your money as well.

Now, let's get to our true answer, which is which online bookies offer the best signup bonuses:

1. BetOnline - Offers some of the best deposit bonuses in the biz. See their site for details as they change often. Betonline is probably the best at getting credit cards to work for deposits too.

2. MyBookie - Offers Predictem readers a special 100% bonus up to $300 in free cash! HUGE!

3. BetAnySports - Offers a 50% match play bonus. What's better than this though, and better than ALL bonuses, is that you can bet on games at -105 here if you choose the reduced odds option instead of a bonus. This will pay you MUCH more over the long haul than any signup bonus will!