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    Reason I am asking is that one of the most well known review sites S__ _

    Well they are constantly bashing this sportsbook, but I hear good things every where else about whats the deal

    I know several people that really like them

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    You can't believe everything that you read. Many sites bash books that won't pay to advertise on their sites. Sad but true.

    Sometimes there's individual situations where the player hasn't abided by the fine print too. Player bitches/gripes about it, files a complaint, and it goes public on the forums/sites. Often times these situations are resolved (if the book is good) because no online sportsbook wants bad PR out there on them.

    Sometimes the complaintant is just plain wrong too in filing the claim in the first place.

    We've dealt with them for years and never had any issues and I imagine theres been quite a few players sign up there through our site over those years.
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      I use them some. I have no complaints. -105 juice on fridays is nice. Pretty much your standard online book, no inflated lines and its really easy to deposit using a visa if need be.


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        They also have a pretty fast and easy to navigate mobile app. Probably my favorite thing about their site. If you don't want to use the mobile app you can also use their mobile web page which is nice but not as good as their mobile app.
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        Total 24-21 +5.5 Units

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          Thanks I want to sign up through this web site so they get some credit. But I heard so:thumbs: many bad comments at the other site it was worrying me.


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            The good thing about playing with our sponsors is that if you have a legit issue, we can contact them on your behalf and assuming the issue is legit, a favorable outcome is expected ;)