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Bodog Payout: Bank Transfer vs. Check by Courier

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  • Bodog Payout: Bank Transfer vs. Check by Courier

    Hey guys,

    About to request my first payout on Bodog, and was wondering what method is best?

    Although timeliness is nice, I am more concerned with security and making sure the payout is accepted by my bank. Basically looking for the safest and most trusted form. I know Bodog is a legitimate book so I don't expect any funny business, but it is my first time so I'm a bit nervous.

    What methods have some of you done? Any suggestions?

    THANKS!! :sm:
    GO BLUE!

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    Both are seamless. With bank transfer, the cash is in your account quickly. With the check, it's more anonymous, but offshore sportsbooks have been known to change processors at times which can lead to a bounced check. I believe that's a rare occurence though, but something I've read about in the past at other forums. I personally would take the transfer. Much less headache.


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      Really appreciate the info Buzz. Thank you!!!
      GO BLUE!