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  • One play vs many

    I did not know where to put this on the board, but what is the opinion of the sharps here.

    Is it better to play one good play a day or many, I see some cappers play 5-9 per day??

    It would seem to me that the more plays you do the more juice you might loose?


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    I believe an argument can be made for either side.

    I know a pro that bets on every single game in which he believes the value is on his side. He makes six figures doing this.

    It's probably also a sport specific thing too. In baseball, if you bet dogs, you can hit less than 50% and win. So more isn't necessarily a bad thing there.

    If you're betting favs. in baseball, a ton of bets will cause the juice to bite ya.

    The bottom line is this... If you properly handicap a game and find that the value is on your side, it's worth playing, whether it's one game or 10 games.

    I've never had any success picking too many games. It's actually been my downfall over the years.

    What's unfortunate about this whole shabang is that if you want to properly handicap the day's card for most major sports, this is an 18 hour a day proposition which is horrible for your health, your family and your SANITY! lol


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      I agree it's a lot of work with a bunch of games. I kind of like less games because I am having fun doing this. When I thought I could make a living doing sports I lost my ass..

      Now it's just a hobby for me and enjoyable at that because I well it is fun and I dont bet over my bankroll....


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        it depends who you are, what your into, and what your used too...

        for instance,

        I grew up betting only parlays, because all i had was sports action here in portland oregon, i started doing that at age 7.. id fill out my parlays and give my dad like my 5-10 bucks i made for doing chores and he go to the local 7-11 and make my tickets for me, as i got into highschool i found out about online betting, once i lost sports action... i than moved to parlays and teasers... i have grown accustom to making 4-15 spot parlays, and mostly around 7 spots, i hit often too my 5-7 spots.. as i get older i find it harder for me to pick 1 play because im so used to sitting down and analyzing every game, and i cant just say "oh i like this game best" i just put all the ones i like down and thats my parlay, so for me now, i make a large number of plays in football because its easier for me to hit 56+% doing alot of picks than trying to bet big on 1 pick, i have a sixth sense for going 4 of 5 ; 5 of 6 ; 6 of 7 ; 7 of 8 ... on my parlays ... so now when i have money i can just go through my same routine and get my ticket together but than instead of parlay it i just play all wagers as singles, if i can go 4of5 or 5of6 great that means i killed it..

        i guess what i am saying is some things come easier for some then others and vice-a verse-a lol...

        if u ask me "hey dukies whats ur favorite football pick" i will have a hard time giving you 1 play thats my "best" but i can give you 4 pretty easy sometimes, and im confident i can hit you 3 of 4 on them at the spread for college football.. just how my brain works.. habit for years of having no bank roll and betting little amounts to win big hopefully,...

        i have some friends that can bet basketball games and wait all week and only make 1 play, and bet big, they are patient and good at finding value in certain plays, and if u look around on the site there are alot of people like that, i seen in college basketball some guys post only 25-30 plays all year, but they bet like 1 -4 games a month...

        people all have their own ways of winning/gambling/betting but its about what your comfortable with, and how much effort you wanna put into it,

        treat it like your going to college and put the work in and you will get an A in this class called betting... the more you learn, and study, and ask questions, the better you will be, and you will find your "nitch" and than the number of bets you make wont be a question anymore, but an answer to what u have to do to win...

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