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  • 2011 Sportsbook Question

    Getting ready for the new season and have started my research in a new sportsbook. I typically just stick with college and nfl and don't wager tons so don't really want to join a book that has a 5x rollover cause I would like the ability to withdrawl after I wager my inital deposit if I get off to a good start. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I would recommend signing up somewhere and then declining the bonus. You dont have any rollovers or holds to meet if you dont take a sign up bonus.

    Try <a href="" title="Intertops">Intertops</a>

    They're a no-nonsense book that will suit all your needs and they pay FAST.
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      Thanks for the advice. I think I have it narrowed down to two and Intertops was one of them. Will they allow you to decline the bonus so there is no rollover? Also, do you know if Intertops will allow you to buy points, so that I can buy the hook every once in awhile? Do you know if they post lines in a resonable timeframe? Thanks again.
      NCAA Record: 13-11-2


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        Well my bookie is 12BET , they offer great odds and got lots of great bonuses offered. As long as you meet the turnover requirement there would not be a problem. Or you may sign up too and not input or request for any bonuses. I like the website because deposit is fast and withdrawal too. Plus they have a great reputation as well .


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          re: buying points...

          It sounds like <a href="">5Dimes</a> would be the best book for you.


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            5Dimes would definitely be the best option for you. You can buy points and they have multiple sign up perk options.

            The one I'd suggest is the reduced juice option. This MUST be selected during the sign up process. You will get reduced juice/vigorish on basically all standard football wagers. It's like the bonus that keeps on giving and of course there is no roll over requirement.
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