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    Hi team, has anybody done business with

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    No way do I take a chance with a small book like that in today's climate.

    Furthermore, there have some article on their homepage about the Cowboys hoping Marion Barber can start. That must be months old. Pretty shoddy if you ask me.


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      baja - what are you seeing about actionbets that you like? maybe someone here can help you find some other options.

      i'm guessing there are some safer options out there...


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        My daily connection is now using them as a service. No perks but I didn't need to send in any information. He open the account for me with my own number. I hope you guys understand what I mean.
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          I wouldnt be caught dead playing at a small online book right now. Many of them are underfunded and every year many tinies fold up after Super Bowl.

          That's not to say that your site is going to disappear. After looking them up, I see that they've been online for quite a while.

          I prefer to stick with the big guns who have a proven track record. Risk sucks!
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            Thank you for your input and concerns, I respect them all. I've know this agent for over 20 years and I know he would honor all bets if the online service vanished.

            It very, very convenient, . I don't have to summit request for transfer or deposits, very simple, no CC, no Money grams, no nothing.
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              Ohhh, agent, that's another story. Probably nothing to worry about then. Especially with the roots.


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                Thanks Kavin, now its time to win some bets.