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What is Reduced Juice?

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  • What is Reduced Juice?

    Reduced juice basically means "discounted odds".

    Most online sportsbooks make you bet at -110, which means you're laying $110 dollars to win $100 (or $11 for each 10 you're trying to profit).

    Reduced juice sportsbooks offer -105 or -107 which means that you're risking lesser money, to win the same amount. Example: A sportsbook that offers -105 odds would allow you to bet $105 to win that very same $100, saving you $5 in risk.

    5 bucks doesn't sound like much loot, however, over time, it's HUGE savings.

    The best online sportsbook offering reduced juice (aka: reduced vig, reduced vigorish) is <a href="">5Dimes</a>.

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    I agree with 5Dimes being the best option for reduced juice.

    I wanted to add this important note.

    You MUST choose reduced juice when you're signing up. You can not choose it after signing up!

    It's basically a bonus option, so while you won't be able to get their "free bet offer", the reduced juice will definitely make a big difference to your bankroll over the course of the season
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