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Best Super Bowl Prop Bets Featured On

Super Bowl Prop Bets Featured On NFL Super Bowl 50 Date/Time: 2/7/16 6:25 PM EST Where: TV:CBS by Keith, NFL Handicapper, With the Super Bowl just around the corner, we have taken the liberty of sharing some of our best prop bets featured on...

NFL Divisional Trends

Our general opinion is that handicapping trends are for bettors who want to fill the sportsbook's pockets. However there are some trends that are based on a bit of logic. One of the better betting trends is the after playing a certain divisional rival. The theory is...

How to Bet on NFL Football Games

How to Bet on NFL Footballby Staff So you wanna bet on football eh? Welcome to one of the secrets of life. Oh yes, how those that don't bet on football survive we'll never know. What a travesty! Better them than us though! There are a number of ways that...

This Week’s NFL Lines – How Football Betting Odds Work

Note: The odds module is having issues with cell phones. It shows up on desktops and laptops but isn't working properly with mobile devices. We apologize for this. The provider is working on it. How Football Betting Odds Work By Scott, NFL Football Handicapper,...

Peyton Manning Torn Plantar Fascia – Bears on Deck for Week 11

Peyton Manning: Partially Torn Plantar Fascia in Right Foot News out of Denver is that Manning has been battling plantar fasciitis for multiple weeks and had trouble walking as late as last week. This would explain his morbid Week 10 performance (5/20 for 35 yards and...

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NFL Computer Picks

Free computer generated simulations for every weekend of the football season!

Office Football Pool Picks

Crush your co-workers with Gman's office pool predictions where he picks every game both straight up and against the spread!

Best Teasers

3 Team: 6 pt Teasers 6.5 pt Teasers 7 pt Teasers
1.8/1 1.65/1 1.5/1
1.65/1 1.5/1 1.35/1
1.6/1 1.5/1 1.35/1

Football Betting Guide

New to football betting? NFL point spreads can be confusing at first, but our how to bet on football article help you bet like a seasoned pro! You'll also learn how to wager on teasers, parlays, over/unders, prop bets, futures and how point buying works.