How to Find Prop Bets?


Proposition wagers, AKA Prop Bets, are some of the most juicy and interesting bets on the menu. Yet, they are often hard to find and scattered among the sportsbook’s sides and totals. Sportsbooks treat these props like Snickers bars at the grocery store checkout line… they expect you to buy them on an impulse after getting your main items but sometimes you just want to load up on SnickersI That’s annoying! These days prop bets make up a big piece of overall wagers. We should know what bets are offered similar to how we expect sportsbooks to offer spreads and totals. Predictem would like to help solve this problem and be your one-stop shop for browsing and finding prop bet markets. We can even help you check lines between two sportsbooks that carry the same prop!

Note: We list the prop bet options that are typically offered during the season by a  given sportsbook. We check inventory at each book daily. However, There are times during the week, such as late night on NFL Sunday where these markets will be off the board. This prop bet guide is meant to show you where these prop bet markets can typically be found as well as their wording format.

NFL Team Props

Will any game in a given week end in a tie?

  • Offered at:

Which quarter will be highest scoring?

  • Offered at:

NFL Player Props

CFB Team Props

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CFB Player Props

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NBA Team Props

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NBA Player Props

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NCAAB Team Props

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NCAAB Player Props

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MLB Team Props

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MLB Player Props

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Sportsbook Added to Predictem’s Reduced Juice List

We are in the age of price wars. Amazon vs. Walmart and Amazon vs eBay, Amazon vs... well everyone else. Even moms out department store shopping with their kids are now checking prices online so they can get a price match. So it’s no surprise that the newest generation of sports bettors are comparing odds and pricing. They know who the Amazons of sports betting sites are. Amazon isn't always the best price but we all know it's the first comparison. It's often the case for the reduced juice sportsbooks on our list.

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