Roulette: The Pyramid System

Roulette: The Pyramid System
by Wilson of

If youre not sold on the Martingale or Grand Martingale system then maybe
the Pyramid system is the route for you. In this system
you will not be faced with making an incredibly large wager just to recover
previous losses. Also, you will not be doubling the size of your original
bet after a loss. The Pyramid, also referred to as the DAlembert
is a simple progression where the player only adds to their bet if they
lose. However, this system is not like the Martingale where a player must
double their bet after every loss.

The Pyramid system only requires a player to add one unit to the previous lost bet. For example, if a player was betting a $5 chip and lost on the spin then on the next round of betting the player would add another unit ($5 chip); if the player loses another bet then he would simply add another unit. Thus, after three consecutive losses the player is wagering $15 instead of the $40 if they were using the Martingale system.


What happens when a player wins? If a player wins the first bet when beginning the Pyramid system the sequence simply starts over. The system truly begins after a loss as the player adds a unit to the original bet. The ultimate goal of the system is to have every win earn a one unit profit. As crazy as it may seem, in this system a player will decrease their bet by one unit after a win. Why? The thought here is that every won bet is a unit more than the previous lost bet.

Lets take a look at how this type of progression works:

$5 bet… Win +$5
$5 bet… Loss $0
$10 bet… Loss -$10
$15 bet… Win +$5
$10 bet… Win +$15

The Pyramid system allows a player to survive at the table without betting a huge amount while chasing loses. Unlike the Martingale system, where a player can quickly find themselves in a world of trouble, the Pyramid system at least gives players a chance to salvage losses and even squeeze out a profit. In the example above the player survived back to back losses and is currently on a win streak

Is this system a definite winner? No, this system, like all the other systems used to beat the casinos will always fall to the house advantage. In fact, the longer you play this system and any system you will likely be on the losing end. Hey, dont get frustrated, its simple math. The key to any gambling adventure is knowing when to take the dough and go! Luck to ya.