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  • Harmonious NCAAB Thurs

    Dug threw and got the record. Tossed out the first day with the bogus lines. Hope everyone had a good night last night, and is back at it again. I will be watching my college hoops sandwich around the Civil War in football (love Oregon to win big, with OSU being a road pub fave), and MTV's show "Jersey Shore" which was filmed right where I'm from and should be hilarious since the locals here HATE all the types of people that the show is about, hahaha. I'm sure they won't mention that though and just make NJ look like a ****hole with those douchebags representing us. Anywhooooo.... GL tonite guys!

    YTD: 19-9 (+9.0 units)

    1 UNIT
    Washington (-1).
    Better team. Maybe one guy on Tech would start on UW. Hopefully, Gaddy doesn't play like a douche and defers to Thomas, Pondexter, and company. Little worried about UW on the road for the first time, but they are better.

    Idaho (Pk). Kinda same feel as above. Roadie, but better team. Hoping they play like the team that was picked as high as 4th in some preseason polls for the WAC.

    Baylor (+8.5). Two roadies weren't enough, so why not add one more? At least I'm getting points here, and with Tweety Carter back and on fire last time out, I'm not sure how ASU is giving this many to a still talented Bears team, even if it is in the valley ofthe sun.


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    GL Cuse.....I took TT at home in honor of Q! :laughing:
    Like the Baylor play with all those points to, and that'll probably be my late play.....:thumbs:
    Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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      i don't know about you, but I don't go anywhere without my hair gel:beerbang:

      gl cuse and nice to see you around. I don't know anything about cbb this year. The first game I've seen so far this year was CLEM/ILL last night. Plenty of time I guess.

      I gotta go hit the gym to make my abs look good for the beach and the f'in skanks.


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        Originally posted by Daws1089 View Post

        I gotta go hit the gym to make my abs look good for the beach and the f'in skanks.
        hahaha :laughing:

        these ****s on this show are not from here! they are from north jersey or staten island (maybe lawn-guyland). we HATE them. there's and organization here called "BENNY GO HOME". a BENNY is someone from bayonne, elizabeth, newark, new york areas.

        these guys/girls are a nightmare, you'll see.


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          Oh, and TTech missed one shot the last 10 minutes of the 1st half and the Breese guy has the most hideous shot ever and was unconscious from 3. ridiculous.