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There are many options where you can bet online. However, it is not like it was ten years ago when there were hundreds, it not thousands of betting sites and a new sign up bonus offer hit your mailbox daily, and five times on NFL Sunday! Back then, social media wasn’t really a thing. Betting forums and sites that gave sportsbooks rating stars or a letter grade were the best way to know if your sportsbook would survive past the Super Bowl if the -9 point favorite covered the spread. With a few exceptions, choosing today versus then is a lot like choosing your cell phone carrier. All the services are decent. So what matters?

Betting sites today have their niches. There are books in the high limit category, unique lines, low margin pricing, and like 10 years ago, sign-up bonuses. If you’re a $50 parlay bettor,  should you be at the highest limit book or the best parlay payout site? Check out Predictem’s Best Sportsbook section, as well as the betting site reviews below. Bookmakers are listed in alphabetical order, and all site reviews, as well as best sportsbook categories in the menu above, are updated monthly. Player feedback is welcome and appreciated! Note: Be sure to learn how sportsbook bonuses work! Read the fine print and take advantage of the free bets and money!


Sportsbook List

Sportsbook Bonus Year Online Review
BetAnySports -105 Odds! 2002 Review
BetNow 100% w/Code PREDICTEM 2014 Review
Betonline 50% 2001 Review
Bovada 50% (CC) 75% (BTC) 2001 Review
BetUS 100% w/Code PREDICTEM 1994 Review
Everygame 100% w/Code PREDICTEM 1996 Review
MyBookie 100% w/Code PREDICT100 2014 Review
Sportsbetting 75% 2012 Review
WagerWeb 50% 1998 Review

What Qualifies as a Best Betting Site?

Every Tom, Dick and Harry website claims to be the best. But are they? No! To be considered one of the best, something needs to set them apart from the pack. Let’s take a look at a handful of variables that must be in play to be considered for Predictem’s top sportsbook list.


We get contacted almost weekly by websites looking to place their ads on Predictem. Almost all of these bookmakers get turned down, because trust is earned, not handed over with no history or previous relationship. Our integrity is not for our sale. We’d love to pocket the loot, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen if there’s no trust built up. The only way to build trust in the online gambling industry is for a betting shop to operate with a flawless reputation for multiple years. At this point in the game, it’s our opinion that an online bookie needs to be in business for over a decade! Why should anybody put their hard earned money at risk when there’s a safer option? They shouldn’t!

Top Flight Customer Service

Many sports bettors jump into the pool without knowing how deep it is. Unfortunately, many only care about instant gratification and what kind of bonus incentive offers are available. You need to approach a new sportsbook like you would a relationship. Sending your money to an outfit without knowing how you’re going to get treated opens you up to risk similar to that of trying to get naked on a first date. Things can get sideways real quick! A bonus (or a boner) doesn’t mean anything if it’s not a good fit! Some online sportsbooks treat you like gold. Some will treat you like garbage. Make sure you do your homework or get advice from a trusted source (us) who has been around for over 20 years. You’d be amazed how many of our readers tell us which book they’re betting with and then we have to tell them they’ll be lucky if they don’t get dicked around or stiffed. There are TONS of fly-by-night betting shops on the web. Don’t fall into that trap!

Fast Payouts

Betting websites are happy to take your money instantly via deposit. Unfortunately, some books will give you the run-around when you request a payout. Nobody has time for this pre-2000 ploy. “Our payout team is on vacation” or “It’s a holiday in our country” or “We only offer payouts on a certain day during a certain window of time” are all “the run around“. Get rid of any sportsbook playing these disgusting games. The sports betting industry has changed. If you’re requesting a withdraw via Crytpo, payouts are LIGHTNING fast these days. Understandably, checks and ACH transfers will take some time to process. But “the run around” is absolutely unacceptable and you need to jump ship if you’re getting this treatment. Especially if you’re winning consistently. A crap book will do anything and everything they can to keep you playing, hoping you’ll lose it all back. Wondering which sportsbook pays the fastest? We tested them all and it was Betonline. (Using Bitcoin)

Large Menu of Wagering Options and Bet Types

An underrated and oftentimes not thought of variable is a large wagering menu and an expanded offering of bet types. Does your bookie offer Canadian football? Korean baseball? Minor League baseball? International soccer? Live wagering? Progressive parlays? Pleasers? Free half point? Dime lines? 20 point teasers? Reduced juice? Poker? If not, you’re limiting your options. Especially with variables such as live betting and reduced juice. Live betting allows you to watch an event, assess the game flow and get down after you have a good understanding of how the game is being played. Reduced juice (aka: reduced vig)/discounted odds) allows you to bet for a cheaper price. Why pay -110 when you can pay -105? The savings are ASTRONOMICAL!

Generous Bonuses

Most bettors prioritize a good bonus as the most important variable when considering signing up at a sportsbook. Truth be told, it’s actually one of the least important variables. Don’t get me wrong –  Free cash is good cash, however, there has to be a foundation before a bonus matters. You have to eat your meat and vegetables before dessert.

What is a generous bonus? We have long relationships with our advertisers so have been granted 100% (or more) real cash bonuses to offer our readers. Grabbing a 100% bonus allows you to double your bankroll before you even place your first bet. We highly recommend maxing out the best bonus offers from 3 or more sportsbooks. Not only to grab all the free money you can, but lines and odds vary from book to book and having multiple sportsbooks allows you to line shop for the best possible spread in your favor.

Choosing the right sportsbook is important. Feel free to drop us a line at predictem at Gmail (spelled out separately to avoid spam emails!) if you’re looking for something in particular or would like to enjoy the benefits of something noted in this article. We’re always happy to advise you of the best fit for your individual needs. We’ve been in the sports betting industry since the late 1990’s. You won’t find many people on the web who have a better feel for which books truly qualify as the best betting sites on the internet!

Best Teasers

3 Team: 6 pt Teasers 6.5 pt Teasers 7 pt Teasers
1.8/1 1.6/1 1.5/1
1.65/1 1.5/1 1.35/1
1.6/1 1.5/1 1.35/1