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A Top Sportsbook For High Limits & $2,500 Bonus Offer

BetOnline Sportsbook Review was purchased by Best Line Sports of Panama in April of 2007. When the BetOnline website was sold it came with a few hundred active players. Now BetOnline is one of the largest gaming operations with well over 100,000 players betting in a given week. If you happen to be one of those people that bought a pizza with 100,000 bitcoin back in 2010, you and the guy that sold are probably on similar medication. BetOnline went on to acquire other betting sites including in 2012.

But it wasn’t just having good fortune and opportunity that has BOL on top of sports gambling today. BetOnline is one of a few sportsbooks that caters to the high limit bettor. They offer bonuses with extremely high maximums. Their odds, depending on the sport, are one of the first to be released and influence Las Vegas and the rest of the online betting market.

To summarize BetOnline’s DNA, the sportsbook has been more aggressive in this space over the last ten years than any other gaming operation. For a low-volume bookmaker or a new sportsbook, high bonuses and high limits, plus early opening lines, would be a reason for someone who follows the industry to be concerned. However BetOnline’s veteran bookmakers, risk management and huge player base make it a sportsbook that can take the kind of bets that other sportsbooks can’t.

BetOnline Overview

BetOnline Sportsbook Details

Online Since: April, 2007
Sign up Bonus: 50% Free Play, Up to $1000. You can receive a 100% Free Play up to $1000 if you use Crypto to deposit and use bonus code PREDICTEM
Bonus Fine Print: 10X rollover on 50% bonus. 14x rollover on SPECIAL 100% Crypto bonus noted one line above. All free plays must be used within 30 days.
Reduce Juice: No
MLB Dimeline: Yes, up to -200
Unique Odds: Yes – BetOnline will often set the market for an event
Deposits: Credit Card, bank Wire, Person-to-Person, Bitcoin, Litecoin & ethereum
Bitcoin: Yes, Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies held in USD
Payouts: Cryptocurrencies – always free. Other methods free 1x per month then $26 – $80.
BetOnline Pros: Early Lines, High Limits and Bonuses
BetOnline Cons: Full price Vig, No Live Chat

BetOnline Sportsbook was really Online before 2007

One of the original founders of BetOnline had been running BestLine Sports since 2001. However it wasn’t until 2007 that both ownership groups partnered in the new Panama-based company Even back in 2001 Best Line had an aggressive bookmaking style offering -108 reduced juice and high limits. Back then it wasn’t uncommon for sharp bookmakers to take positions on games, essentially betting themselves by moving their own line based on their opinion or an opinion of one of their successful players. Fast forward nearly 18 years and BetOnline’s same Directory of Bookmaking usually doesn’t care who wins because lines are much sharper and high volume guarantees almost every Sunday is fun-day for the house. A few percentage points on hundreds of bets traded back and forth is more typical of what powers the house earnings. The one exception for the heads of bookmaking to see a bit of excitement, is being able to break open the early lines in sports like NBA and college football. Players love to see tomorrow’s odds almost as soon as todays action has been graded.

Betonline in its infancy

BetOnline Sign-up Bonus

If you are a big bettor who deposits $2,000 and gets $1,000 in free-play, that’s quite a bit more firepower. There are a lot of players at BetOnline who want to bet big on an NFL game and instead of having 5 large to fire it’s now $6,000. Even for bettors already firing thousands per game, this bonus will make things a bit more interesting.

Betonline Bonus Terms – Great If Your Bags are Unpacked

For veteran bettors a single deposit is often the bankroll for an entire season, or at least a portion of the bankroll spread out at different sportsbooks. The bonus terms don’t matter to them because as soon as its added to their account, it’s all part of the same bankroll. They are hunkered down to do battle with the house. The requirements are irrelevant in their use case. However, if you are NOT that player, maybe more of a weekend warrior or someone chasing a great line but needs his money, and you don’t realize the sportsbook has a 30 day hold on the deposit + bonus… You will feel like James Franco in that movie 127 Hours where he gets stuck in the cliff, cuts off his legs with a pocket knife and runs through the desert on his hands or something like that. But instead of your legs, its your winnings you are leaving behind. Although the terms are straight forward you’d be surprised by how many players don’t read them and ask us what they should do about the 30 day hold.

There is also another bonus condition that players must be aware of. The 10x Rollover is calculated by the lower of the risk to win. What that means is if you bet $1400 to win $100 on the Patriots to beat the Cleveland Browns, you didn’t just rollover/play-through $1400, you only rolled over $100. So, if your primary goal is to roll over funds to be eligible to withdraw, you are better off betting -110 lines where a $1100 bet gives you $1000 toward your rollover.

No Reduce Juice Lineset but…

Here at Predictem we make a lot of reduced juice and rightfully so. If you are only going to have one sportsbook at a time why not make sure you have a bonus or bet lower prices? But that isn’t the only way to get value. BetOnline will routinely offer spreads at -105 while other books have them at -110. That’s because BetOnline will often shade the same spread everyone else has with one team at -105 and the other at -115. So while another book may have lower margins it is not uncommon for BetOnline to have the best price. Add a cash bonus in to your pick being at -105 and you very well may be getting the odds in your favor. BetOnline also has one of the best baseball dimelines with 10c margin up to -200/+190. That is reduced juice pricing for the baseball market.

Unique Odds – When you create the line its always unique

For a player who has a feel for the game early, using sportsbooks with early lines is crucial. For all the effort you put in following a team and handicapping, can you sit back and watch other sportsbooks move the line you want against you 3 points before your sportsbook puts the new line up for you? That’s like watching everyone else eat and having to wait for their leftovers before getting a taste.

Bitcoin – And the other coins… that aren’t actually coins

Not only can you use bitcoin, but ethereum and litecoin are also accepted. Transactions for these methods are always free. Most importantly, during business hours players receive their crypto currency withdrawal typically under a half hour although in some cases payouts have taken 2 hours. Here’s a full list of cryto and alt coins they accept at time of print (2023): ApeCoin, Avalanche, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polygon, Ripple, Shiba Inu, Solana, Stellar, Tether and USD Coin.

BetOnline Pros & Cons

BetOnline is a must-have sportsbook for anyone using more than one bookmaker and values getting a crack at the early odds. BetOnline is also a great option for bettors looking for a bonus and then taking on the sportsbook over the course of a season. The sportsbook caters to large bettors and will take $25,000 per bet on NFL sides, and still let the player rebet the same side. Higher limits are also available by request as BetOnline has players that routinely bet six figures per game. BetOnline’s website is now well beyond the ten years old mark.

The biggest negatives are that the lines are full price, and the bonus fine print can snag people if they don’t do their homework beforehand and read the terms or these reviews.