Reduced Juice

What is Reduced Juice?

One of the dumbest things you may hear a new sports bettor say is this: “I don’t care about the price. You only pay the vigorish when you lose.”

Now, technically they aren’t wrong. If you are betting on the sun coming up in the morning, you could bet -110 or -11000 and the risk amount is not going to matter. Of course these sports gambling rookies overlook two things. No.1 You could increase your to-win amount with the better price and No.2 EVERYONE LOSES. Most lose more than they win. If we didn’t lose sportsbooks wouldn’t be paying sites like this to advertise, and I’d probably be hammering nails somewhere instead of writing this review… and would be 50 lbs lighter… and have a tan… probably have a social life…and my kids might respect me. But whether you are the majority who lose, or the extreme minority that can beat the odds, the goal is still the same: When you do lose, lose less.

All new bettors need to understand the return on investment and know how much more bankroll they would have betting at discounted odds instead of -110.

We hear from bettors all the time who feel so confident in an individual play that they skip line shopping or simply avoid moving funds to get the better price. Prior to kickoff they pump their fist and clap yelling “We Got This!” as if they are actually competing. It reminds me of that scene from Rocky IV where Stallone and Drago are taking turns eating punches but Rock don’t care how much damage he takes on because he’s going to come out ahead in the end. Defense is for losers.

Sportsbooks Reduced Juice Limits

Sportsbooks Reduced to Maximums Rebet Max Overnight Deals MLB 10c Line Year Online Note
BetAnySports -105 $5,000 Immediately MLB -102 up to -195 2000 Biggest Menu
Pinnacle -105 $3000-30,000 After Reviewed no up to -140 2000 Best for Canadians


BAS Sportsbook

-105 Reduced Pricing

Pay less per bet &
get largest betting menu

BetAnySports will often have the best line on one of the two teams in an event. With only 5 cents to work with a linesman can rarely stay within the market average. Predictem’s full BAS review covers why this sportsbook is among the best in the world. For value bettors, BetAnySports simply is a must have. Without a funded BetAnySports account you will likely pay more for your wager 33% of the time. BAS essentially doesn’t have a bet limit. While each bet is capped in the neighborhood of $5,000, players can immediately re-bet the line for subsequent $5,000 max wagers. Furthermore, BAS isn’t just a book that offers discount odds. They’re also very popular for offering the largest wagering menu. Note: They’ve changed their terminology from reduced juice to “less juice.”

Pinnacle Sportsbook – (No USA Allowed)


The Original Low Vig Book

Top Sportsbook For Canadians
-105 on Most Markets

Pinnacle had, many names. Planet Pinnacle, Pinnacle Sports, Pinbet, and now Through its brand evolution the sportsbook always offered low juice and high limits. When Pinnacle began with the discount model, many thought it couldn’t be sustained. Other books have tried and failed, stiffing players. However there is a big difference between Pinnacle folks from MIT and the Las Vegas Computer Group, and a couple of island bookies who blindly cut their revenue in half while moving lines 2 points at a time. Pinnacle showed the west how reduced juice-high limit bookmaking could be done. Pinnacle now focuses on countries in Europe and Asia. Pinny remains the best reduced odds options for Canadian bettors.

Reduced Juice Calculator

Best Teasers

3 Team: 6 pt Teasers 6.5 pt Teasers 7 pt Teasers
1.8/1 1.65/1 1.5/1
1.65/1 1.5/1 1.35/1
1.6/1 1.5/1 1.35/1