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Early Lines & Highest Limits Sportsbook Review

If you were comparing sportsbooks to banks, Bookmaker would be the Bank of America, the center of its industry. But, we don’t want to insult offshore sportsbooks by comparing them to the shady U.S. banking system.

The Bookmaker Group was online in March of 2000 but taking bets by phone in the mid-80s. On Predictem’s Best Sportsbooks page there is a category called “Oldest and Safest”. This category was primarily created for Bookmaker. Almost all of the sportsbooks featured on Predictem are over 10 to 15 years old, so it’s not as if we are back in 2004 when staying power was the biggest consideration in finding a new sportsbook. But back in those times, Bookmaker set the standard and added stability to the online betting industry. The Bookmaker Group bailed out many players who were with failed bookies. The industry was flooded with fly-by-night operations that would close with player funds or look to Bookmaker for a charity buyout at the 11th hour. Bookmaker also set the standard for wagering practices, rules, and handling large players.

Often considered the granddaddy of bookmaking, Bookmaker has also been an innovator in today’s market. The sportsbook’s tagline has always been “Where the Line Originates” which remains fitting today. Overview

Bookmaker Details

Online Since: Feb 2000 under BetCRIS brand
Sign up Bonus: 25% Cash, Up to $1000
Bonus Fine Print: 8X rollover
Reduced Juice: No
MLB Dimeline: No, typically starts at 11 or 12 cents
Unique Odds: Yes – Bookmaker opens & moves lines on sharp action
Deposits: Credit Card, Bank Wire, Person-to-Person, Bitcoin
Bitcoin: Yes, Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies held in USD
Payouts: Bitcoin, EcoCard – Free, Check – $50, Person-to-Person – $25
Bookmaker Pros: Highest Limits, Early Lines, Most Trusted
Bookmaker Cons: No MLB dimeline

Bookmaker Took Care of The Neighborhood

We could list the names of the failed sportsbooks that Bookmaker took over in the 2000s but it wouldn’t be any more recognizable now than listing the cast of My Name is Earl. Fortunately for the players involved they were also able to forget the names of those sportsbooks. For Bookmaker players their sportsbook has been unforgettable. Bookmaker’s service, betting options, and rewards program are excegoodllent, but the reality is that many players simply can’t bet anywhere else. Sharp players are welcome at Bookmaker. High limit players are welcome at Bookmaker. Players are never shown the door for winning at Bookmaker. The sportsbook is one of the few that move their line not by what another sportsbook does, but by what their bettors bet. Line shoppers will often watch as Bookmaker is the first to put a line up on a mainstream event and then be the first one to move it, which reverberates through the rest of the betting market.

Sign-up Bonus – Pros and Newbies Get Cash

Note: This Bonus is currently only offered for bitcoin deposits. Non-bitcoin is 15%.
25% Cash with an 8x rollover up to $1000. This bonus is middle of the road for value but at the top for no hassle. If you are a player that typically would pass on the bonus to avoid obligations or confusion this might be one you take anyway. Bookmaker knows it offers a lot to bettors with an unparalleled experience and it knows it doesn’t need to give 150% bonuses with 25x rollovers to get players to stick around.

Bonus Terms… or Term

Unlike most bonuses today there are no calculations besides the basic rollover. No point system, no risk VS win amounts to keep in mind, not even a free play to bet before it’s in your account. It’s cold hard cash. The only thing players need to know is eight times play-through.

Reduced Juice? – Old School -110 with Rewards

Bettors at Bookmaker will find traditional line pricing with unique betting odds. When the book is first to release a line, there will always be value for the sports bettor, but there is also cost to the book as bettors grab a line that is not yet a representation of a market and stands a higher chance of getting beat.

While pricing is important, the overall value per wager is what matters most. Each half point is typically worth more than 5% so getting a unique line or a chance to bet a line other books have not yet offered can be more valuable. Bookmaker also offers a rewards program. When applied to the minimum rewards level and the cashback, the rewards equate to getting about -109 vig.

Unique Odds – Sharp Lines are Fresh Lines

As mentioned above Bookmaker is a must have for any line shopper and players using more than one sportsbook, especially during basketball and football season. Bookmaker often sets the market and moves the line on professional player’s bets. That can create an opportunity to get your play on a line before it has changed and other books begin to offer it. NBA & NFL lines can be especially juicy at Bookmaker.

Bitcoin – The new eWallet will pay you $100,000 in Bitcoin at no cost. Withdrawals, up to $25,000 at a time, can be processed the same business day.

Many sportsbooks advertise “unlimited free bitcoin payouts.” Technically this may be true. However, most sportsbooks take a few days to process a bitcoin payment and have $2,000 betting limits on mainstream sports. When Bookmaker lists $25,000 same day bitcoin transactions, they are actually moving that much to players daily. The $100,000 per month limit is legitimate, and many players have requested higher amounts. Bookmaker is one of the very best and efficient Bitcoin sportsbooks.

Bookmaker Cons:

People that go to a Porsche dealership don’t complain about trunk space or ask for the ability to seat 8. If they want those things, they don’t want a Porsche. That’s how we feel when pointing out what one sportsbook has over another as a con. Bookmaker’s MLB line is probably its biggest negative if baseball is on your list of sports you like to bet. Even for large bettors, you get the feeling Bookmaker would take or leave the MLB action.

Bookmaker Pros:

Bookmaker is a must-have for players who bet large amounts; who like to wager early; who will compare odds before betting; want their bitcoin the same day they request it; and want to bet with the leader over the past 20 years.