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 BetAnySports – 105 Betting

As a gambler (and we imagine you are one if you are reading this), you may be signed up with a few sportsbook/casino operations, but you appreciate it when you have one location where you can pretty much do it all, regardless of where your gambling appetite leads you.

BetAnySports was created for people like that. In terms of being a full-service operation, they may not have an equal. “BAS” has gained a reputation for reliability during its decade of existence, and can best be described as a multi-faceted destination that is “user-friendly.”

This Costa Rica-based bookmaker has a great product across the board, and that includes the sportsbook, racebook, casino, lottery, and poker. They have efficient ways of depositing and withdrawing, and they are an ideal place for the bettor who enjoys United States sports. But if you ask a BAS bettor why they initially started betting with the sportsbook, the answer is very likely to be that BetAnySports has the lowest juice at -105 OR a 25% cash bonus. (The default option is the reduced vig. As much as it may be tempting to take the sign-up bonus instead, please do yourself a favor and stick with the reduced odds option. It’s like a neverending bonus that you will make THOUSANDS of dollars off of in comparison to the bonus offer. If you aren’t familiar with reduced juice as of yet, it is nearly unheard of to receive the discount vig at this low of a rate! IF you do decide to opt for the bonus (don’t do it!), you can get a special unadvertised 30% real cash bonus if you call them after you’ve made your deposit and tell them you’d like to cash in bonus code PREDICTEM30 for the extra 5%.

BetAnySports Overview

BetAnySports Sportsbook Details

Online Since: 2002
Sign up Bonus: 25% cash up to $500 (30% if you call with code PREDICTEM30)
Bonus Fine Print: Rollover of 6x on deposit + bonus
Reduced Juice: Yes. -105
Unique Odds: Yes, Many. They offer “-1” lines on MLB, which is rare.
Deposits: MasterCard, Visa, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, p2p transfers (MoneyGram, Western Union, RIA), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and Binance Coin (BNB) and only $25 with Bitcoin (BTC)!
Bitcoin: Yes, Free, held in USD. Available in 30 minutes ($25 minimum deposit).
Payouts: SAME DAY Bitcoin (no fees, $10K DAILY for Bitcoin depositors), Check, Wire transfers
BetAnySports Pros: Well-suited for U.S.A sports as all US leagues are offered. No book has more variety and betting options. Bitcoin deposits, quick payouts, two live dealer casinos, reduced juice, great racebook options
BetAnySports Cons: None! This bookie is a first-class operation!

A Superb Sportsbook for over 17 years

If you are looking for a bunch of bells and whistles in the sportsbook software, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. BAS uses a very simple and easy to use platform, with drop-down and check boxes to take you to all the menu items in a few seconds.

If you love sports and exploring betting options, Bas will be your playground. When you go to the sportsbook area, what you’re going to find with a lot of these offerings, you can pick any number of alternative lines. In other words, if the price in a football game is that one team is a three-point favorite, you can find a line of 2-1/2, as long as you are willing to lay a little higher price than -110 on your end. It may sometimes work out and sometimes not, but the opportunity and the choice is yours, and that can’t be said about most sportsbooks.

This place gives you all the options, such as an extensive array of propositions and futures. In other words, if there is a televised event you’ll be watching, you can place wagers on player points, hits, yards – whatever the case. This applies to teams as well, as you have first half sides and totals, team totals – you get the idea. Futures bets allow you to put something down on the winner of any league of significance over a longer span.

And they have “minus-1” run lines on baseball, in addition to those in which you lay a run and a half (that’s unusual). As baseball bettors can tell you that is a legitimate draw.

You’ll find extremely competitive payouts on the so-called “exotic” wagers as well. We’re talking about parlays, teasers, action reverses, round robins and much more.

Real-time thrills available

There is something very exciting about the idea of being able to place wagers in real-time. And this is another place where BetAnySports stands up and stands out. In the sportsbook, they give you a few options. There are two that you can take advantage of when you want to bet the games as they are happening. We are talking about “Live Betting Extra” and “Live Betting Ultra,” and then if you want to place wagers when the game is in a break, you’ve got “In-Play” betting to do that with as well.

This allows you a great way to either hedge your original wagers or to just keep the action going and make the game all that more exciting. The software at BAS is advanced enough that you can pull all this off without a hitch. And they cover a lot, including baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer.

BetAnySports Bonus Offer May Be The Most Generous

A 30% real cash bonus with only a 5x rollover is generous! Many sportsbooks require 10-14x rollovers. As noted above, PLEASE pass on the signup bonus. Reduced juice is so much more attractive than most understand. It’s truly like receiving a bonus everytime you bet. The fact that it’s offered in perpetuity is amazing and trumps any bonus you can receive, regardless of percentage! Be smart! Opt for the reduced vigorish! You’ll be so glad you did!

Reduced juice is a great gift

When something comes along that gives you real, tangible value, you have to take a long, hard look at it. Such is the case with “reduced juice,” a special feature BAS offers. What this does is allows you to avoid having to lay the standard -110 on, say a football or basketball game and save in other sports as well with tighter lines.

What happens as you find you don’t have to lay as much of a price on a virtual “even money” proposition or get a better price when you are going with an underdog, is that you don’t have to win at as high a rate in order to be profitable. And as we said, that is a genuine tangible value which we talk about in detail in our reduced juice section and it’s one of our Ten Commandments of Sports Gambling.

Do you like the ponies?

If you do, then BetAnySports comes through again by giving you a better deal than you would get otherwise. To start with, they have every race track imaginable in their racebook, even some that are outside of North America.

And they have something called the “Plus 10%” racebook that is more than just a little interesting. Again, here is tangible value for you, as you can get paid up to 10% over and above the payout that comes from the track (on selected tracks). So for the same wager, you might step up to the window, you can make 10% more.

And if you’re in a funk, you can get relief, through the Rebate Racebook, which can return up to 8% of your betting volume back to you (again, this is at selected tracks). In fact, you can get it even if you win.

You can make all the bets you’d be able to make at the track itself plus many other options. For the bigger races, you can go into the sportsbook and wager on head-to-head matchups, in addition to unique props (winner – even or odd number, over/unders for exacta and trifecta payouts, etc.) that they just don’t offer when you go to Churchill Downs or any other US racebook.

Which kind of casino do you want?

If you like casino gambling, you can actually get involved in the action five different ways at BetAnySports, and that is five times more than a lot of places will offer. As a sports betting site focuses on value, we don’t recommend casinos in themselves, but if it’s the entertainment you want between games, BetAnySports has many different formats and platforms available, and you only need the single account.

Let’s start with the no-download casinos that can be played through the browser. The “Grand Casino” features all the games, plus a lot of the incredible “Real Series” slot games. The “Bonus Casino” offer payouts that are greater than you would typically receive in a casino, and the “Jackpot Casino” is the home of some of the most advanced 3D games you’ll find anywhere.

There may be some gaming destinations that have a live dealer casino, where you are essentially connected live into a physical casino location where you compete against dealers “in the flesh.” But at BetAnySports, you have TWO of those options.

One of them is the “Vegas Live Dealer Casino,” which features Baccarat, Blackjack, Blackjack Early Payout (an invention of the providers at Visionary iGaming), Single Zero Roulette and Enhanced Payout American Roulette.

Now they are beaming about a second option, the “Lucky Live Dealer Casino,” which really pushes the stare of the art with American favorites (check out all their baccarat variations) as well as a bunch of Asian games like Fantan, Dragon Tiger, Xoc Dia, and Belangkai.

Both live casinos feature chat capability and HD-quality video. It’s in real-time.

As if that all wasn’t enough

Poker players are well-accommodated, with The DragonRoom, presented by the Grand Poker Network, where you can download, play through an app, or through the browser. Plenty of tournament action is offered, so you can get those competitive juices flowing in a different way and earn 50% Rakeback.

You can try the “Lotto” section too. Imagine being able to play ANY state’s Pick 3 or Pick 4, not to mention Powerball and Mega Millions and never have to go to the store to do it – PLUS buy your tickets in advance AND get up to 80% higher payouts! This is all possible, and you can win with either a straight or box payout.

BetAnySports is mobile-optimized, so it doesn’t matter where you play from, and they have special “mini-games” like video poker that are a ton of fun to play.

Lots of Deposit Options

You’ll be able to make deposits using a major credit card (MasterCard, Visa), a person-to-person transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA), or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

BetAnySports was one of the first full-service operations to embrace Bitcoin as a payment option, and it makes a lot of sense because it is fast, headache-free, and does not involve a third party. That’s why a lot of people are jumping on board with it.

Plus, transactions involving Bitcoin don’t carry the transaction fees that are associated with other forms of payment.

The folks at BAS have become well-known for their ability to pay quickly, and they can do it in a number of ways, including Bitcoin. It is not unusual to be paid within 24 hours.

Customer service is sharp.

We suggest all players call their sportsbook and feel out early experiences before depositing funds. There are other routes you can take to get support, including email ( or the live chat box, which is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. All wagers can be taken over the phone as well. Representatives are English-speaking and highly-trained.

BetAnySports Pros & Cons

If you are looking for value or even remotely care about value, you’ll probably add BAS to your funded sportsbook options. After all, the object is to take the books money and lose as little as possible to them! As we said earlier, the bonus on reduced juice betting means you have to be the village idiot to pass BAS in favor of another book.

A downside to betting at BAS may be that the volume of offerings can be overwhelming. Yea, I know that is like complaining that your arms are tired from opening too many Christmas presents. But for some players, the struggle is real. They want to open the book up on day one and bet the Patriots, Warriors, and Yankees to win and move on with their day. Or maybe they want to bet 3 hands of blackjack during a timeout and then realize there are choices to be made between the multiple casino products. Obviously, this isn’t a real issue in terms of BAS success because this is still one of the fastest growing sportsbooks.

Review Note Worth Reading!

When you sign up at BAS, you’re given the opportunity to choose between a signup bonus OR the ability to bet on games at reduced juice. As tempting as it may be to want the free money bonus, we HIGHLY recommend selecting the reduced juice option. It will save you TONS of cash compared to the one-time bonus. A good way of looking at this is you save 5 cents per dollar your trying to win. This doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up to HUGE value over time. If you were to wager on 5 football games per weekend at $105 to win $100 each, you’d have saved yourself $25 in vigorish for the weekend. If you bet every weekend of the NFL season (18 weeks), that’s $25 x 18 = $450. Remember, the -105 odds offering is FOR LIFE. This offer is especially valuable if you bet on other sports such as baseball and baseball as BAS offers reduced odds on those sports as well! Take the reduced odds! You’ll be so glad you did!

Note: BetAnySports and Lucky99 are sister sportsbooks. (Lucky99 caters to Asian speaking sports bettors) You can only have an account at either/or, not both books.