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WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

Do you remember those Yo Mama So Old Jokes? Some classics are “Yo mama so old that when she was in school there was no history class.” and my personal favorite, “Yo mama so old I told her to act her own age, and she died.” That’s what we thought of when we looked at WagerWeb’s page archives for 1999. Wagerweb’s so old that when it launched it “recommended Netscape Navigator version 3.0 or higher”. Except that’s not a joke. The 1999 website is full of gems like that that aim to teach the bettor not only how to bet, but how to use the internet. Yo Sportsbook so old. it gave out internet lessons! Zing! Right? 

WagerWeb was actually called Casablanca Sportsbook and used the url BetCBS.com back then. In late 2004 the corporation CBS took note of the growing gaming brand and pursued the domain through legal means. BetCBS was retired and WagerWeb.com was born!

With early sportsbook software tech being so raw, a lot of the online sportsbooks struggled to scale their rules and even have rules for all situations. Wagerweb management was known for being somewhat heavy handed against players, especially sharps, who the book felt exploited bonuses or software holes. Fast forward about 13 years and customer support and software is one of this bookmaker’s strengths. WagerWeb has partnered with one of the top gaming companies in Costa Rica and brought in executives that understand customer reviews and brand association is the lifeblood of an online business. Predictem has received only positive reviews in recent years and WagerWeb boasts high retention with perks like 1% cashback on everything wagered!

WagerWeb Overview

WagerWeb Sportsbook Details

Online Since: February, 1999
Sign up Bonus: 50% Cash up to $1,000
Bonus Fine Print: 15X rollover with lower of bet’s risk or win amount counting toward rollover
Reduced Juice: No
Unique Odds: No – WagerWeb’s odds will be in line with the market (Vegas average)
Deposits: Credit Card, Bitcoin, Money transfer, Cashier Check
Bitcoin: Yes, Held in USD
Payouts: Bitcoin – always free. Check- $50 fee, Bank wire- $75 fee
WagerWeb Pros: Good customer services, 1% cash back on volume
Wagerweb Cons: Confusing Bonus Terms
WagerWeb was operated in the early days by the Double D management/ownership team of Dan and Dave. The sportsbook sometimes fumbled through disputes and in these early days we disagreed with their decision making. However the sportsbook became open minded began to reverse controversial decisions in favor of the player. The reality was that most of the sportsbooks in the late 90s and early 2000s were going through a crash course on different levels. No precedent was set for many of the challenges. Growth was rapid and sportsbooks either became stronger for the experience or they crumbled.

Think of stock trading with a broker by phone compared to the evolution of trading online. Now, add hundreds of different trade options that would be transitioned to online users and then apply that undertaking to clerks in Costa Rica when English wasn’t the priority it was today! As unappealing as that may sound, keep in mind that bettors could suddenly bet on the game in their underwear without a plane ticket to Vegas.

WagerWeb and its management team learned quickly. We would like to believe we played a large part in that as player advocates. Today WagerWeb’s ownership is mostly silent as their new gaming team of business professionals handle all day to day operations and has done so for over 6 years. Bettors may not be able to tell if they are being serviced by Silicon Valley or Costa Rica, and that is the goal of all island gaming companies today… A first rate, first world experience.

WagerWeb is a “recreational” sportsbook not meant for whales who typically play at Bookmaker. WagerWeb’s main sports have a bet limit of $3,000 on sides and moneylines and total bets are between $2,000 to $1,000. Only the NFL wagering has a maximum bet of $5,000 on the point spreads and $4,000 on the moneylines.

Sign-up Bonus – Confusing but Worth It

One of the reasons I like both Denny’s and IHOP is I can open that menu at 2AM, grunt three times, and put my finger on the picture of pancakes, and a single mother of four will bring me something resembling that picture. I don’t have to pick toppings or ingredients or sizes. WagerWeb’s bonus offerings are like having to go back in the kitchen at IHOP and tell them how to make it and where they can find the ingredients. No one wants to do that at 3AM and no one wants to call to ask bonus terms 5 minutes before kick-off. Our advice? Simply take the 10% Cash offered under the “Elite Bonus” because it comes with 1% cashback for LIFE. That essentially amounts to a small reduced juice offering. Unless you think you can take the bigger bonus and sweet talk WagerWeb to switching you to 1% Cashback later, this is the only option in our opinion.

Bonus Terms – Read them if you can find them

It is quite difficult to find the fine print to determine how the different bonus options work, which is quite annoying. Also, unlike many betting sites where the customer can choose whether or not he wants the bonus, WagerWeb does not offer the option to reject the bonus. It’s like going to Gramma’s on Sunday… Eat the cookie, honey. You have to try the cookie dear! YOU. WILL. HAVE. THE. COOKIE!

One thing we feel is worth mentioning regarding our Wagerweb signup promotion of choice… The 1% CASHBACK option is actually applied to your account weekly, but as a FREE PLAY. So yea, it’s some of YOUR cash back in the form of a free play. Still, this is a great option. Consider betting thousands on your team at WagerWeb because they have the best price, then after winning big, still getting a $50 free play.

Reduced Juice – No, But Have We Sold You on the 1% Back?

Reduced Juice basically means the sportsbook operates on a lower margin. It doesn’t guarantee the best line or even a good line but over the long haul, these bookies are must-haves. This Cashback on volume offer is nice because it is there win or lose. It’s not a rebate on losses. You bet, you get free money. At the risk of stating the obvious, if all books have the same +100 line, your best deal is to bet it at WagerWeb.

Unique Odds – Not for the Line Shopper

If you already are funded at eight online sportsbooks, you might not find many unique options or advantages to having a WagerWeb line on the Dallas Cowboys. If you have maybe three books or less and are looking to grab a bonus on another it is worth it to find out if WagerWeb can help you make money, especially with cashback on everything you bet.

WagerWeb offers an average range of betting options with typical teasers, pleasers, parlays, if-bets, reverses, and round robins. Teasers and the parlays of two teams, can be found at market value, ie the same as in other betting sites. But regarding those exotics of three or four teams, the value is worse than that of the competition. For players shopping by biggest payouts on parlays and teasers, be sure to see Predictem’s sportsbook list ordered by payout odds.

Bitcoin – Wagerweb Is Speedy

WagerWeb is very good in the cryptocurrency department. It takes about 20 minutes to make a transfer, and they are free for both deposits and withdrawals.

Wagerweb Cons

If you bet 5 figures, this is not a sportsbook for you. If you bet mostly parlays, this is probably not your best option. If you are looking for a simple and low commitment bonus to try out a new book, also not the best choice.

Wagerweb Pros – WagerWeb wants to be your Go-To Sportsbooks

WagerWeb isn’t targeting the player who wants to bet the Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby once a year. They want to please the everyday bettor who gets more out of his sportsbook the more he uses it. WagerWeb is now a grown-up bookmaker that has come light years from its days as a me-too sportsbook in the early 2000s. Customer Service and betting value are two areas in which it excels. Players will enjoy betting with a fast-paying sportsbook that is in good standing and is now older than 20 years.