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At Predictem we put a heavy focus on getting value for your bet, not just picking the winning team. There are different ways to get that value. Of course there is the signup bonus; there is the edge gained with reduced juice spreads; and the always underestimated off-market line. But when it comes to MLB betting and moneyline betting in general, the biggest factor is paying as little as possible to back your team. You must bet into a sportsbook with an MLB dime line (-105 / -105). You simply can not win if you pay -115 for your MLB picks when the market offers -105. Baseball bettors need to be frugal. Make it rain $12 wieners with your friends at the ballpark but don’t let your sportsbook give you the footlong. Avoid paying a Sportsbook extra. Note: If you’re confused, maybe it’s a good idea to start from scratch and read our article on how to bet on baseball. It explains the basics which will bring you up to speed to have a better understanding of dimelines.

If you happen to have bet moneylines on the 2015-16 73-win Warriors at poor enough odds, it’s possible you lost money on the season. When betting MLB your win/loss record isn’t telling. A 75% winning record for a big favorite bettor can still be a loser and a 30% win rate for a huge dog bettor can lead to a nice profit. Think of it like any business investment. If you were selling garden gnomes at $50 bucks a pop and buying wholesale at $40 to $45 per gnome, that $5 could be the difference between opening or living in a house that has way too many gnomes. There you have it… baseball betting is like gnomes.

Most of the best sportsbooks have some form of MLB dime lines, some offer just enough of one to say they do. So, we are going to look at the 10 cent baseball sportsbooks for by match up dispairty, from even match ups, to the expected blowouts. We’ll start with the sportsbooks that made the cut by at least starting with a 10c baseball line, down to the elite MLB bookmakers.

Extreme Value Options

Best Dimelines

Sportsbook Overnight Special Up to: Bet Limit MLB Totals
BetAnySports -102 / -103 -150 $500* -105

BAS offers an MLB overnight line that is extremely discounted. Their MLB totals are even offered at -105 which is unique to them. When we first saw the the sportsbooks offer this, we thought it would not last. Several years later and it’s still the best price for games where the favorite and dog are relatively closely matched.

*Bet limit is $500 PER wager. You can make several $500 wagers. The per bet limit allows them to change their lines/odds accordingly should they receive a ton of action on one side.

The 200 Club – Dimeline pricing that breaks at about -200

Sportsbook Up to: Bet Limit Baseball Bonus Bonus Terms
BetOnline -200 $10,000 50% Free Play 10x Rollover
Sportsbetting -200 $10,000 50% Free Play 10x Rollover
BetAnySports -195 $5,000 55% Free Play 6x Rollover
BetNow -190 $5,000 50% Cash Bonus 8x Rollover

Ok so -195 is not quite -200 but the 195 Club didn’t have the same ring to it. Betting against only a 10 cent margin against lopsided MLB matchups may be the best bet to beat your bookmaker in all of sports betting. There is a reason the professionals bet a lot in this range and there is a reason many books don’t offer this.

BetOnline & Sportsbetting offer massive limits considering this structure. BetAnySports will note that the $5,000 limit is reset about every 3 minutes. Once they have an opportunity to move the line, its available again to max bet.

Holding the Line – BetUS up to -130

Sportsbook Up to: Bet Limit Baseball Bonus Bonus Terms
BetUS -130 $5,000 100% REAL CASH BONUS up to $300 with code PREDICTEM 5x Rollover (If you use our promo code)

BetUS offers 10 cent margins on favorites priced to -130. The majority of baseball games will be priced at -160 or less so the extra 20 cents makes a difference. Add that value to the fact that they offer Predictem readers a special 100% REAL CASH bonus on your first deposit of $100 to $300 when you enter bonus promo code PREDICTEM and you get one of the best baseball betting promotions on the web! Plus, they’ll have a player rewards program where you earn points everytime you bet, which can be redeemed at the BetUS Mall!!

Reduced Juice Sportsbook

BAS Sportsbook
BET AT -105