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Welcome to Predictem’s main free picks page. Here you’ll find our daily top plays and links to game previews with analysis for each sport that we cover. What you won’t find here are screaming touts with false claims of easy money, LOCKS, sure bets or any other BS that you see on 90% of the sports handicapping sites on the web. Our Expert Handicappers provide daily predictions ATS for NFL Football, College Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, Major League Baseball, Horse Racing, MMA Fights, Boxing, NASCAR and PGA Golf. We do not sell our picks. These are not second rate free plays. These are EXPERT PICKS! The same ones we bet ourselves.

NBA Picks

Pro Hoops is TOUGH to beat. Players sit without notice, check out mentally and can be downright unpredictable. We have a solid history with the sport, but please understand that there will be a bunch of passes during the season because value bets can be hard to come by. We never force the action as there is always another game. Another frustrating facet of betting on NBA basketball is our need to release plays late in the day, due to the best information not coming out until a couple of hours before game time. Often, we don't post our best NBA plays until 5 PM ET. Plays are made using a combination of variables from Kevin West, anti-consensus, a handful of sharps from a database that we're blessed to be able to tap into and some fades of lousy basketball bettors who have consistently hit 43% or less.

2019-2020 Record: 44-31-2 +12.95 Units

Date: 3/12/20
Selection(s): No games scheduled.

Recent Form:
3/11/20: Charlotte Hornets +10.5 (3 Unit Best Bet)(won SU 109-98)
3/10/20: Brooklyn Nets +11 (won SU 104-102)
3/9/20: Hornets +4 (3 unit best bet)(lost 138-143 double-OT loss)
3/8/20: Washington Wizards +5.5 (lost 89-100)(-130 full point buy)
3/7/20: GSW ML -125 (won 118-114)
3/6/20: Atlanta Hawks +2 (lost 112-118)
3/5/20: Golden St. Warriors +8 (tied 113-121)
3/4/20: Memphis +1.5 (blowout winner 118-79), Cavaliers +4.5 (lost 106-112)
3/3/20: Brooklyn Nets +7.5 (won SU 129-120), Washington Wizards +5 (lost 126-133)
3/2/20: Cavs +8.5 (2 Unit Top Pay)(lost 113-126 bad beat; Drummond sat with short notice, leaving Cle with NO centers as Thompson was already listed as out. Argh!)
3/1/20: No value; Passed
2/29/20: No value; Passed
2/28/20: Orlando Magic ML -350 (won 136-125)
2/26/20: Cavs +7.5 (2 Unit Top Play)(Won 108-94)
2/25/20: Toronto Raptors +1.5 (lost 97-108)
2/24/20: Cleveland Cavs +6 (won 125-119)
2/23/20: L.A. Lakers -6.5 (lost 114-112)
2/22/20: Houston Rockets +2 (won 120-110)
2/21/20: Cleveland Cavaliers +6.5 (won 113-108)
2/20: Memphis Grizzlies -1 (lost 125-129)
2/13/20: OKC Thunder +4 (bought 1.5 -140)(won 123-118)
2/12/20: Memphis Grizzlies ML -160 (won 111-103)
2/11/20: Washington Wizards ML (won 126-114)
2/10/20: Denver Nuggets money line -290 (won 127-120)
2/9/20: Cavs +6 (lost 92-133)
2/8/20: Sac +2.5 (122-102 winner)
2/7/20: Washington Wizards +3.5 (won 119-118)
2/6/20: Passed
2/5/20: G.S. +6 (got smoked 88-129)
2/4/20: Pels +6 (lost 108-120), Hornets +14 (lost 110-125), Lakers -12 (win 129-102)
2/3/20: Passed
2/2/20: Phoenix Suns +11.5 (lost 108-129)
2/1/20: Passed
1/31/20: Pistons +5 (lost 92-105)
1/30/20: Atlanta Hawks +7 (won 127-117)
1/29/20: San Antonio Spurs +5 (won 127-120)
1/28/20: Knicks +1.5 (lost 92-97), Suns +6 (won 133-104)
1/27/20: 3 Unit Best Bet Bulls moneyline (won 110-109)
1/26/20: Passed due to Kobe Bryant death.
1/25/20: Timberwolves - 1 (lost 104-113)
1/24/20: Orlando Magic ML (lost 98-109)
1/23/20: Cavs ML -135 (lost 112-124)
1/22/20: Kings +1 (lost 106-127)
1/21/20: Passed
1/20/20: Warriors +6.5 (won 124-129)
1/19/20: Passed
1/18/20: Pistons money line -125 (win 136-103)
1/17/20: Atlanta Hawks +8.5 (winner 121-120)
1/16/20: New York Knicks +4.5 (I bought 1.5 points, making this -140 odds)(lost 98-121)
1/15/20: Passed
1/14/20:Memphis Grizzlies +5 ***2 Unit Top Play Alert!*** (121-110 win)
1/13/20: New Orleans Pelicans/Detroit Pistons OVER 226 (117-110 winner)
1/12/20: Day Off
1/11/20: Oklahoma City Thunder +1 (lost 110-125)
1/10/20: Atlanta Hawks +1 (lost 101-111)
1/9/20: Cleveland Cavaliers +7 (won straight up 115-112)
1/8/20: Charlotte Hornets +2.5 (winner 110-112), Dallas Mavericks money line -150 (lost 106-107).
1/7/20: Cleveland Cavaliers +3.5 (won 113-115)
1/6/20: Charlotte Hornets +5 (lost 104-115)
1/5/20: New York Knicks +8 (won 132-135)
1/4/20: San Antonio Spurs/Milwaukee Bucks UNDER 228.5 (lost 127-118)
1/3/20: Orlando Magic +2 (won 105-85)
1/2/20: Denver Nuggets +1.5 (won 124-116) and Golden State Warriors +3 (lost 84-99)
1/1/20: Orlando Magic on the money line at -175 (won 122-101)
12/31/19: Passed.
12/30/19: Chicago Bulls +6.5 (lost 102-123)
12/29: Passed
12/28: Memphis Grizzlies +9 (pushed 110-119)
12/24 through 12/27: Passing
12/23: 76ers/Pistons OVER 215 (won 125-109)
12/22: Passed
12/21: Utah Jazz on the money line at -240 (won 114-107)
12/20: New York Knicks +9.5 (lost 114-129)
12/19: Atlanta Hawks +6.5 (won 106-111)
12/18: Pelicans/Timberwolves UNDER 231.5 (107-99 winner)
12/17:  Indiana Pacers +2.5 (won 105-102)
12/16: 2 Unit Top Play on Memphis Grizzlies +4.5 (118-111 winner).
12/15: Brooklyn Nets +4 (won straight up 109-99)
12/14: Phoenix Suns money line -125 (lost 119-121)
12/13: Orlando Magic +6 (lost 107-130)
12/12: Philadelphia 76ers money line -120 (won 115-109)
12/11:  Indiana Pacers +1 (win 122-117)
12/10: Washington Wizards moneyline -140 (lost 107-114)
12/9: Suns money line -180 (won 125-109)
12/7 and 12/8: Passing
12/6: Oklahoma City Thunder money line at -170 (Won 139-127)

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College Basketball Picks

Expect more multi-unit BEST BET opportunities here than any other sport as college hoops present some fantastic wagering opportunities! It's not uncommon to see college hoops lines off by 10+ points. Especially with small colleges. Kevin West digs through the sizable daily card to sniff out the needle in a haystack value. West is a huge believer in backing teams that shoot the ball well and play good defense vs. teams that have a poor field goal percentage and are lazy on D. That variable mixed with the belief that there's more chemistry in Junior/Senior heavy teams vs. younger teams can make for a gold mine when these opportunities present themselves. West had a horrible 2017/2018 season at 51-56-3. The two prior seasons were golden at 90-63-5 and 75-55-5. Why the drop off? "I tried to be good at too many things," says West. "Spent way too much time watching and trying to figure out the NBA, most of which was a complete waste." Kevin is back to spending his regular time following college hoops which will surely make a difference. Note: College hoops takes a few weeks to figure out so don't expect many plays early on.

2019/2020 Record: 39-25-1 +8.95 Units

Date: 3/12/20
Selections: No games scheduled.

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Why are our losses only scored as -1.05? Because we bet at reduced vigorish! Bet smart! Wagering is cheaper at 5Dimes! Making the switch from -110 to -105 will save you a TON!

Recent Documented Results:
3/11/20: Appalachian State Mountaineers +7 (lost 68-85)
3/10/20: Gonzaga Bulldogs -9 (blowout winner 84-66)
3/9/20: Miami Ohio Redhawks +9 (won SU 85-79)
3/8/20: Michigan Wolverines +4 (lost 70-83)
3/7/20: Harvard Crimson +2 (won 83-69)
3/6/20: Loyola Marymount Lions +7.5 (lost 53-82)
3/5/20: Stanford Cardinal +1 (lost 65-68)
3/4/20: Notre DAme Fighting Irish +1.5 (loss 71-73)
3/3/20: Miss St. Bulldogs +2 (lost 71-83)
3/2/20: Passed
3/1/20: Monmouth Hawks ML -240 (won 80-60)
2/29/20: Loyola Marymount Lions +5.5 (covered 67-69)
2/28/20: Davidson Wildcats +10.5 (loss 67-82)
2/27/20: Cleveland St. Vikings +7 (70-68 winner)
2/26/20: UMass +5.5 (straight up underdog winner 60-52)
2/25/20: Wake Forest +11 (won 113-101), TAMU +6.5 (lost 60-69)
2/24/20: WVU ML -230 (lost 57-67)
2/23/20: Passing
2/22/20: Brown Bears ML -155 (got blown out 45-63)
2/21/20: Cornell Big Red +12 (covered 80-81), Harvard ML -350 (won 61-60)
2/20/20: South Alabama Jaguars +2.5 (won straight up 78-70)
2/19/20: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets +1.5 (won 86-79)
2/18/20: Oklahoma Sooners +3.5 (lost 54-65)
2/17/20: Idaho Vandals +10.5 (lost 69-90)
2/16/20: NC State Wolfpack ML -200 (lost 68-71)
2/15/20: S. Miss Golden Eagles +2.5 (won 58-53), Rutgers Scarlet Knights ML (win 72-57), Penn Quakers +5.5 (69-61 winner) 2/14/20: Passed
2/13/20: Arizona State Sun Devils +3 (74-69 winner)
2/12/20: Ohio State Buckeyes -5.5 (won 72-66)
2/11/20: NIU Huskies +7 (won 59-63)
2/10/20: No value; Passing
2/9/29: Washington State Cougars +3 (79-67 straight up winner)
2/8/20: SD Toreros ML -130 (won 88-81 in OT)
2/7/20: NIU Huskies +2 (win 57-54)
2/6/20: Utah Utes ML (won 64-56), Pacific Tigers +7.5 (winner 60-48), N. Dakota Fighting Hawks +1.5 (win 74-68)
2/5/20: Nebraska-Omaha +2.5 (lost 78-86)
2/4/20: Miss St. +6.5 (lost 72-80)
2/3/20: Passing
2/2/20: Wisconsin Green Bay Phoenix +5 (won 92-89)
2/1/20: Passed
1/31/20: Penn Quakers +1.5 (won 75-72)
1/30/20: North Dakota Fighting Hawks +2 (lost 68-72)
1/29/20: Central Florida Knights +2 (pushed 57-59)
1/28/20: Purdue Boilermakers +3 (2 Unit Top Play)(lost 63-70)
1/27/20: Eastern Washington Eagles ML -145 (won 89-84)
1/26/20: Passed
1/25/20: San Francisco Dons +3 (won 83-82), Tennessee Martin Skyhawks -1 (79-76), Darmouth Big Green +5 (won 66-70)
1/24/20: St. Peters Peacocks +6 (won 66-70)
1/23/20: Portland Pilots +6.5 (lost 65-77)
1/22/20: Tulsa Golden Hurricane +3 (blowout win 80-40)
1/21/20: Passing1/20/20: Weber State +4 (lost 76-92)
1/19/20: Passing
1/18/20: Hostra +3.5 (win 67-69), Pepperdine +6.5 (loss 69-78)
1/17: St. Louis Billikens +7.5 (won 76-78)
1/16: Cincinnati Bearcats +4.5 (lost 49-60)
1/15: Passed1/14: Texas A&M +6.5 (won 85-89)
1/13: Jackson State money line -115 (lost 50-56)
1/11 and 1/12: Taking day off.
1/10/20: Illinois-Chicago Flames +1.5 (lost 52-68)
1/9/20: Northern Arizona Lumberjacks +5.5 (lost 57-64)
1/8/20: St. John's Red Storm +4 (lost 66-87)
1/7/20: Passing
1/6/20: Villanova Wildcats +2 (won 64-59)
1/5/20: North Dakota Fighting Hawks on the money line at -195 (won 83-69)
1/4/20: Portland Pilots +10 (won straight up 76-65)1/3/10: Passed.
1/2/20: Colorado Buffaloes +1.5 (winner 74-65)

Horse Racing Picks

One of the most astute horse racing brains on the planet, Kenneth Strong, gives his daily race predictions for all the major tracks and writes an award-winning analysis for the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes races. Ken has done it all. Cleaned stables, trained horses, trained trainers, written for the DRF and even acted as an agent for jockeys. This-guy-knows-horse-racing! Horse betting can be confusing to newbies. Ken is happy to answer any and all questions you may have astutely and always at no cost to our readers.

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Boxing/MMA Picks

Big Scotty L wanted to play baseball, basketball, and football as a kid but his dad forced his hand at boxing because he grew up in the barrio where if you weren’t tough, you had no chance to survive. This led Scott to follow MMA/Boxing closely throughout his childhood and college years in which he went to school in Northern California for journalism. The guy is a walking-talking encyclopedia of fighting, and you will quickly see that in his writing. He’s a guy that listens and watches, which allows him to learn and understand the deep inner workings of the sport. To top it off, he’s eloquent and classy to boot. I love this guy!

Check out Scott’s boxing analysis here.
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PGA Golf Picks

Matty Evergreen brings us his weekly take on the PGA circuit, providing a few predictions for the golfer to win the tournament and a few "head to head" matchup picks. One needs to be extremely patient and have a long-term approach when betting on a golfer to win the tournament. You could literally win 2 or 3 times during a season 50 events and show a profit. In all candidness, this type of wagering should be reserved for those looking for four days of entertainment each week. One could use their bankroll to follow our college football, and college basketball picks and has a much better return on their investment. Not a fan of either? You don't have to be a fan to make free cheese! We do all the work for ya!

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When we placed an ad looking for somebody to write NASCAR for us, we expected a “Crazy Cooter” or wrench monkey to catch our attention. To our surprise, an itty bitty gal from Virginia took the checkers, and we all lived happily ever after. As most of us know, women have a different perspective on things than men. They notice things we don't and are more analytical. This goes hand in hand with watching and reporting on auto racing. We couldn't be happier with our Virginia Vroom!

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MLB Picks

MLB betting is beautiful because one can literally hit 50% or less and turn a profit due to money lines and no point spreads being involved. This frequently results in us backing the underdog, which can create some cold feet among our readers. We ask that you trust the process as we know what we're doing. The 162 game season is a LONG grind in which we’ll have both winning and losing streaks. Please play all of our predictions whether you think they’re good or bad because we WILL be in the plus at the end of the season! Picks are provided by Predictem’s Chief Handicapper, Kevin West. Kevin’s favorite variables include stats, hot/cold streaks and some things you can’t find in the box scores such as good/bad pitching and hitting mechanics.

2019 Season Record: 104-82-3 +5.09 Units

Date: Off Season
Picks: Be sure to jump on board our hoops plays!

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College Football Picks

Like MLB betting, college football wagering is BEAUTIFUL, but not for the same reasons. College football betting is one of the easiest sports to beat because it presents us with situations in which you can find a lot of “bug meets windshield” matchups. This doesn’t mean that you automatically go out and jump on Bama playing a small college. It’s more of a “Senior offensive lineman is out, and his backup is a freshman" type of thing. There's also some very low hanging fruit in the smaller college matchups because the sportsbooks know most are going to bet SEC/Big Ten/Pac 12 matchups. They then put more of their resources into those high profile matchups leaving us to snipe some tasty lesser known conference spreads that often times have final score margins not even close to the proposed point spread.

Rich Crew will be providing our college football predictions again this year. Last season he recorded a tidy profit for our visitors with his CFB plays and we expect him to be in the black again this season.

2019 Regular Season Record: 31-16-0 +13.05 Units
2019/2020 Bowl Record: 3-5-0 -2.25 Units

Date: Off Season
Picks: Return next August

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NFL Picks

Football betting is why bookies drive Cadillacs, and you probably don't. The oddsmaker knows who the betting public (squares) are going to bet before they even see the lines. Hardly seems fair! That doesn't stop droves of gamblers from partaking in the euphoric event known as NFL betting. Beating the NFL spread over the course of the season is darn near impossible. But not anymore! We'll take you from being a guy who regular pays his bookie, to an astute advantage bettor who will show a profit by season's end!

Do you know which offensive linemen are banged up or not playing this week? Probably not. Have you studied which wide receivers run a 4.4 40 yard dash and which cornerbacks covering them are a half-second slower? Probably not. Do you check weather reports to see if the teams will be forced to run it or pass it a lot? Not likely. Are you plugged into some of the most astute sabermetrics nerds on the planet and a handful of others who are so deep into studying football games that they don't have time to run a website or market their craft? No. Luckily for you, Kevin West is, and he's happy to share his picks with you. Get ready for a whole lot of education on good teams win and bad teams cover!

2019/2020 Season Record: 32-44-3 -16.75 Units

Selections: Check back at preseason.

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Betting on sports is a grind. If you want to make money in this venture, you need to understand that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Beating the point spread is a full-time job that most simply don’t have time for. This site is run by three astute expert handicappers that have been doing this for more than 20 years. In the beginning, we took our lumps as most do. Over time, we learned the in’s and outs including but not limited to proper money management, which stats matter, the psychology of betting, a contrarian approach and much more. We're willing to do all the hard work for you! All we ask is that you bookmark the site, come to see us regularly and consider placing your bets at our sportsbook sponsors as they are what pay our bills and allow us to provide a valuable service to you. Thanks for choosing! We appreciate it!