Each week we enter information into our stats database which crunshes them and spits out final score predictions. These figures should be used as a guide, not solely to base your picks on! Expect these to be posted on the site by late Friday each week during the NFL football season. Enjoy!

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NFL Week 11 Computer Picks

307 Green Bay Packers 22.0
308 Seattle Seahawks 24.8

451 Carolina Panthers 29.9
452 Detroit Lions 24.7

453 Dallas Cowboys 24.4
454 Atlanta Falcons 22.7

455 Cincinnati Bengals 18.3
456 Baltimore Ravens 29.4

457 Minnesota Vikings 21.5
458 Chicago Bears 27.5

459 Philadelphia Eagles 23.7
460 New Orleans Saints 32.5

461 Tennessee Titans 25.1
462 Indianapolis Colts 21.7

463 Houston Texans 18.9
464 Washington Redskins 17.2

465 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27.1
466 New York Giants 26.2

467 Denver Broncos 21.0
468 Los Angeles Chargers 24.9

469 Oakland Raiders 16.0
470 Arizona Cardinals 20.1

471 Pittsburgh Steelers 28.0
472 Jacksonville Jaguars 17.2

473 Kansas City Chiefs 33.6
474 Los Angeles Rams 34.3

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As noted above, these predictions are compiled by a computer. There is a heck of a lot more to handicapping NFL games than a bunch of averages produced by technology.

Proper football handicapping should consist of taking numerous variables into consideration such as injuries (especially to key positions on an offensive line/defensive secondary), situational variables (teams playing on a short week, coming off a bye or horrible travel conditions, etc), how a team has been playing lately, coaching and more.

The point we’re trying to make here is that one should not rely on these picks as the sole source/reason for placing a bet. Please use the above numbers as a GUIDE to help bolster your decision to bet on or against a team.

With all that being said, these stats do have some merit when it comes to helping pick totals (over/unders). Especially with the weekly college football computer picks that we put out, which can of course be found in our NCAA football section.