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  • Question for all you regulars

    I want to start betting online, but I don't know what sites are the best.. I live in Vegas so I usually just go to the casino down the street to place my bets.. The good thing about that is that if I'm holding a winning ticket I know it's good.. I have heard some bad stories about online sites not paying or whatever.. So I was skeptical.. Now I want to give it a try because sometimes I don't have the time to leave the house and run over to the casino, and it would be easier to just place my bets online..
    Which sites do you guys use or prefer? Is it hard to get your money? What is the method of payment that they use? Which site is the fastest at paying?? etc...


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    :welcome: bro!

    Check the top of the thread forum for our sponsors. I have accounts at Bodog/Bovada, 5dimes, and Intertops. Haven't had a problem with any of them. You'll have to check each site for the payment method, but I have gotten direct deposit and a paper check mailed to me and of course the paper check took longer to arrive.....
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