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NBA Saturday 11/17

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  • NBA Saturday 11/17

    ytd 22-19 (+2.48 units)

    LA Clippers +2.5 (-101)

    4 units

    Indiana Pacers +5.5 (-106)
    NJ Nets +3 (-107)

    2 units each

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    I do slightly favor the Clips even tho they're b2b tonight. But where and how do you get -101? That's practically no juice isn't it? Isn't it usually -110?


    • #3
      Yep. I got it at 5dimes in the reduced juice section....

      Adding one more:

      T'wolves +6

      2 units

      As far as the Clippers play, the like is a joke. The Bulls are like 5-40 in their annual "circus road trip" since Michael Jordan retired.

      The Clips got hammered last night on the road against a team who they just don't match up well with. GS will run run and run, and the Clippers just aren't built to keep up with alot of older players, and bigs like Kaman and Thomas, who are definitely not fast break type guys.

      They couldn't control the pace last night, and a blowout was the result, although I saw that happening in advance....which is why I took GS.

      They match up better with the Bulls, IMO, and are (and have always been) a better home team than away team.

      Getting them as a home dog against the 1-6 Bulls amidst their annual "circus road trip", on which they rarely even win a game, seems TOO easy and makes me feel like I'm missing something. I guess we'll find out tonight, but that was just a line I had to double up on and see what happens.