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  • ***UDoggie's Friday Spider Tatts***

    NBA 79-64 +18.95

    Nuggets let me down wednesday, but methinks I got a winner here.....


    5 units

    Celtics-2 1stq

    Warriors-.5 1stq

    Nuggets-3.5 1stq

    2 units each

    4.5 pt teaser


    1.5 to win 1.5 units

    Rockets- to me it's simple... the Heat are getting respect on the line for a couple reasons. First, they are off a blown lead loss to the Hawks, & with Wade back they're bound to win (according to perception) eventually. They haven't won at home this season, they're due. Secondly, the Rockets have lost 5 straight games. The fact of the matter is I would have been playing this at-6, because the Rockets are that much better of a team. Let's recap the Rockets losses...

    Memphis- 2nd loss of the season, & it came 8 games in. Memphis shot well & won. These things happen.

    Lakers- Houston loses McGrady 19 minutes in. Without Tracy, the Lakers are able to double Yao easier & he doesn't respond well. The Rockets shoot an abysmal 35% & lose by 3.

    @SA- No T-Mac, plus the Rockets get the privilege of facing the Spurs off a loss. Houston plays well, but in the end it's a 6 pt loss.

    Suns- No T-Mac once again, & this time they get to face the Suns off a b2b close game vs. the Spurs. Phx shoots 62% from the field, 53% 3pters. You don't beat anyone when they shoot that well, period. 10 pt loss.

    Mavs- The Rockets get T-Mac back, & lead the whole game. That is until Dallas outscores them 38-20 in the fourth.

    I'm not making excuses, but to me it looks like a string of bad situations paired with a key injury. In contrast, the Heat have looked horrible the whole season, & even with Wade back haven't looked good. IMO Wade was rushed back too soon, & is not 100%. In his last game vs. the Hawks, he was just 4-12 from the field. 6 of his 14 pts came from the ft line..... The Heat have 2 wins- they beat the Knicks & the Vince-less Nets. Bottom line they can't score. I have a hard time seeing them even scoring enough to have a chance at beating the Rockets. IMO something like a 98-84 final.

    Still looking into a couple totals/1stq plays, but I don't want to mess this play up with marginal ****, so it may be a smaller card. :thumbs:
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    I'm playing the Rockets as well. I was surprised to see the small line... probably due to their losing streak... but Rockets are hungry for a win and they're more than capable against Miami. I also took Warriors... I read Haywood tweaked his ankle. Wanted to take Denver at home and fade the Clips after that last game but the lines are just too big. Also a smaller play on the nets.
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      love the confidence udog, was going to only put a unit on this but going 4 units now, lets cash it in


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        BOL Udogg! Neither team is great in their respective b2b H/A and A/H situations, but you gotta like the value with Houston.
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          GKL- I like the warriors as well, but opted for the 1stq there. I was thinking the Rockets would be -4, so I'll gladly take the shorter line.

          beholdah- I do like this one a bunch, Hopefully it pays out.

          cavorca-no doubt :thumbs:

          There's a good chance I won't be around until after the games start tomorrow, so I already posted the 1stq plays I'll be making. These are based on the lines right now, & shouldn't move 1stq wise. Juice may shift though...If for some reason the Nuggets 1stq moves to a 4.5 (highly unlikely, IMO), I will make it a no play. Warriors moves to-1, then I'll be on the moneyline. Boston is a play regardless, IMO they're up by 4+ at the end of the first... Ran out of time for writeups, sorry I didn't provide reasoning for the quarter plays. I have a full day ahead of me so I gotta get some shuteye. No totals for the day, keeping a light card & hoping for the Rockets to dominate :sm:
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            Blazers-2 1stq


            2 units each
            Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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              Celtics 1Q.....:thumbs:.......forgot to post it but pleasure doing business with you again....i'm now 12-3 +17.4Units on this NBA stuff......sorry i can't contribute to your threads as i don't follow the NBA much, but i like taking what you put up and then rolling with the couple plays i like. i basically am just playing road/home and schedule spots and some totals out of the stuff you post....every now and then i will roll with my own variation of something you like. Seems to be working well for me so you don't mind me posting in your isn't worth it for me to start my own since i am just stealing your
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                Fine by me FF.:beerbang:

                Clippers+9.5 2ndh

                Minny/Nuggets o103 2ndh

                No/Utah o95 2ndh

                3 units each

                I'm on the Suns in a teaser, but I don't think it covers. IMO the Clips play is the strongest of the bunch....
                Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...