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  • 2-22-08

    Cavs -2.5

    Bobcats +1

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    GL Goods! What are your thoughts on the trade? Tough play going with them tonight, but as bad as the wiz are, I can see LBJ carrying them to victory tonight :thumbs:
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      I'm not happy about losing Drew Gooden, but he was never utilized right anyway. If Ben Wallace can play close to what he did a few years ago the Cavs are going to be amazing. Our interior defense has to be on of the best in the league if Ben is at Pf. I'm also looking foward to seeing the BW/AV fro combo. Obviously Wally will spread the floor a lot more then Hughes ever could. Hopefully the Cavs never put Snow and Ben Wallace on the floor at the same time or it would be 3 vs 5 on offense. lol Joe Smith is pretty much does all the same **** as Drew Gooden, I just think Gooden is better offensively and on the boards. I'm glad we got West as well, we have been trying to get him in a Cavaliers uniform for 2 years. This is the closest thing the Cavs have had to a real pg since Andre Miller. Jmac played good ball for a season and then after that became a locker room cancer.

      GL Ud, lets win some games, I can't deposit if I lose these 2 units. :bang: