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NHL monday with flmmkrz

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  • NHL monday with flmmkrz

    Blue Shirts -.5 in reg @ -130 to win 2 units

    Time to get a W for the rags. They've had a tough sched as of late, facing the sharks on the end of a roadie. Then as we all know the first game back off a roadies a down spot and after a 4-0 lead they blew a game to the caps. Throw in an extended break, then they got in a jersey team that was off a game the night before and had its legs going, not to mention is on a major upswing with getting healthy and showing good team form. This is the spot for the rags to come out blazing. Few tough losses in a row, in front of the home fans and a bad isles team coming in, no excuse to overlook this game so a routine win should be in order.

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    GL buddy.

    Like anything in the Canada game? I was thinking under...


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      tough call Ang. I can't make a play either way, total or side. If Quinn just let the boys play the -7.5 should be easily doable as would be the over but if its like yesterday when he puts in makeshift pp units and changes up lines to slow his team down we could see an under or + 7.5. When its in the coaches hands like that I dont feel good about betting the game.


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        GL...totally agree on NYR! :thumbs: