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ufc fight night 11

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  • ufc fight night 11

    Update Lines Continue
    UFC Fighting Spread Money Line Total Points Team Total Points
    UFC Fight Night 11 - The Palms Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada - SpikeTV
    Wed 9/19 801 Kenny Florian -160
    10:30PM (EST) 802 Din Thomas +140
    Wed 9/19 803 Florian/Thomas goes 3 round distance -210
    10:30PM (EST) 804 Fight won't go 3 round distance +160
    Wed 9/19 825 Chris Leben +170
    9:15PM (EST) 826 Terry Martin -200
    Wed 9/19 829 Nate Diaz -210
    9:15PM (EST) 830 Junior Assuncao +175

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    diaz wins also liked quarry another winner.........2 and 0 so far lets see what happens with the next two fights,,,,,,,,, like martin and din...........keep in mind i didnt bet anything tonight:nuts:


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      i feel better now,, martin got ktfo:beerbang: felt like he was winning,, he got cocky in the 3 rd after hurting leben,,,,,,,,,,, and ka boom:beerbang: 2 and 1 so far


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        well i saved money tonight,, din thomas blows out his knee shooting and gets subbed.......maybe my luck is changing:beerbang: 2 and 2 would have lost money :glass:


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          I didnt make it to a computer in time. Was going to parlay Sell and Leben. The whole first two rounds of the Sell/Quarry fight I was yelling at the t.v. See, I told you Pete would win, he's rocking the **** out of Nate.......then bang! All she wrote. That is why I love this sport so much, anything can happen, unbelievable. Hats off to Leben for surviving one hell of a shot and coming back to end Martin. I hope this brings Terry back to earth and kills those comments about how he is already at a championship level:nuts: Leben clowned you and Anderson Silva might put you in the hospital....LOL! hats off to Chris on sticking to a good game plan and once again putting on an exciting fight. As a fan, I loved it. Sloppy late? yes, but entertaining for sure! :beerbang: Good night in my opinion, CANT wait for saturday.

          I cannot stand forrest but something is telling me to take him. What do you guys think? I just see him winning with some wild ass combo or lucking into a sub? The guy is tough as nails and always brings it. Nobody knows how shogun is going to do in the cage, and as we have all seen, anything can happen. Do you guys see any value in forrest or have I lost my mind.....:dunno: I know he has value as a dog, but Im talking about a REAL chance of winning.

          Talk to you soon guys!


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            mike isay sure he has a good chance.......would i bet him??? no ****en way.......a 75 percent shogun will **** him up..........if shogun shows up he wins.......after i saw what he did to both overeem and rampage i just dont see forrest gump i mean griffen winning.........hey but if you like him put something on him,, for sure dont listen to me,,my wounds are still oozing:bang: