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Arena Football Week 1

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  • Arena Football Week 1

    Have to pass on the game tonight...but here are my plays for Week 1:

    Orlando -1 (-110) Vs. Tampa BayTampa is always tough at home, but that in its self is not always the best reason to take a team. Orlando is much more talented then Tampa who just fell apart at the end of the year last year. Orlando signed Shane Stafford away from Tampa in the off season to be their new QB and I think Stafford will show Tampa what they are missing in this one. Stafford will be much better for Orlando then Joey Hamilton ever was. Look for Coach Gruden to continue his winngs ways with a HUGE road win to start the season!

    Georgia -1.5 (-110) Vs. Arizona Bonner is older then dirt but keeps getting the job done. However, Georgia's roster is just loaded with talent. Quite possibly the most talanted team in the leauge. They do have a yong inexperianced QB..but with the roster around him I will take my changes at only -1.5 with the Georgia Force!

    Utah -9 (-110) Vs. New Orleans New Orleans will be different at home but they will struggle on the road IMO. Looking for Utah to dominate this one from start to finish.

    San Jose -6.5 (-110) Vs. LA Avengers Looking for San Jose to have a real good season this year. They just keep finding ways to win. Last years rookie of the year Ben Nelson could have a real big season for the Sabercats!

    Chicago -6.5 (-110) Vs. Kansas City Probably a trap with the defending champion Rush going to Kansas City to start the season, but I don't feel KC has gotten that much better. Last year Sippio just let up the Brigade when he was playing for Tampa Bay. Look for more of the same this year. KC QB Raymond Philyaw has not played in a game in a long time. Look for him to need a couple of games to get back accumstoned to the speed of the game. Like Chicago to get a win in week 1 in their quest to repeat as Arena Bowl Champions.

    1 unit each, with the exception of Chicago. Going TWO units on Chicago.

    Good Luck!
    If it ain't fun, don't do it!

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    The fact that you can watch Arena Football is impressive in itself.

    Just messin with you man...



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      I used to never be able to watch it...but got a job here in KC working the team bench for the Kansas City AFL Team.

      If not for that...I would not be near knowledgable enough to know anything about the sport.
      If it ain't fun, don't do it!


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        Orlando, Georgia, and San Jose where all winners.
        Problem was I lost Utah and the 2 unit play in Chicago. Kansas City really surprised me. WR Sam Simmons looks to be a star in the making.

        3-2 (-0.30)
        If it ain't fun, don't do it!