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  • pride 34 4-8

    Pride 34 MMA Game Spread Money Line Total Points
    Sun 4/8 501 Ricardo Arona -450
    2:00AM (EST) 502 Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou +350
    * Game Note: Saitama Arena, Saitama, Japan
    Sun 4/8 504 Wanderlei Silva -220
    2:00AM (EST) 505 Igor Vovchanchyn +180
    * Game Note: Saitama Arena, Saitama, Japan
    Sun 4/8 507 Jeff Monson -180
    2:00AM (EST) 508 Kazuyuki Fujita +150
    * Game Note: Saitama Arena, Saitama, Japan
    Sun 4/8 510 Yoshihiro Nakao -115
    2:00AM (EST) 511 Edson Drago -115
    * Game Note: Saitama Arena, Saitama, Japan
    Sun 4/8 516 Shinya Aoki -1400
    2:00AM (EST) 517 Brian Lo-A-Njoe +900
    * Game Note: Saitama Arena, Saitama, Japan
    Sun 4/8 519 Zelg "Benkei" Galesic -700
    2:00AM (EST) 520 Makoto Takimoto +500

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    results so far Shinya Aoki stops Brian Lo-A-Njoe armbar in the first round,,loved aoki in this one but at -1400 tough to bet.........Makoto Takimoto +500 stops Zelg "Benkei" Galesic first round and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou +350 knocks off Ricardo Arona s head with an uppercut ref stopage............cant wait to see silva,,, damn its getting late:beerbang:


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      Silva's off the card. They pulled him 12 hours before the show.

      Watching it live right now as well...


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        hmmmmmm looks like no silva fight??? strange there was a line??? maybe they didnt show it is all,,silva was at the event..........the snowman stops ironhead with a rear naked choke........time to hit the rack,,,, happy easter guys:beerbang:


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          Shinya Aoki in the light weight div will be a tough out for anyone,,,what a unique style he has............the ufc card tonight was very dissapointing to say the least...........gsp losing to serra??? im really starting to wonder about this ****...........that opens the door for hughes which i cant stand.................nap about now sounds out,,have a good one v3:beerbang:


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            I can't believe Zelg lost, he cost me some green tonight for sure.... I woke up, checked the results and couldn't believe Takamoto pulled that ****in kimura off...

            I had won earlier in the night too, but Zelg's lost dropped me down :(

            Can't believe Soko did yet another upset, can't wait to see who he fights next and what that line will be. Aoki is sick, I can't wait to see him fight some ufc guys. I don't know if he can make 155 though, as he relaly is a 170lb fighter.

            Koscheck, even though I hate him, is gonna be champ. He's due for the next title shot, should be able to beat serra. If hughes fights Kos, I really just don't see how Matt can win except by submission. Kos has superior speed, strength, wrestling, and striking. Put Aoki in the WW division though and hes a threat to ANYONE. Sure they might over power him, but his rubber guard is ****in ridiculous!!!! He's the best fighter I've ever seen off the back. He is so flexible, and can instantly go for triangle, armbar, or omoplata/gogoplata.

            By the way, i didn't realize there was a MMA section on predictem, I'll be posting my picks from now on.


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              the sanchez kos fight was the lamest fight i have ever witnessed........they both should be ashamed !!! gsp im still in shock,weirdest punch i have seen,grazing off the top back of his head,,never could for the pride card little cro cop was winning,,i mean he was beating the crap out of that guy,,,,,,,,,,,he got messed up on the ground..... arona i still dont know wtf he was tring to do,,,,he is holding onto the leg for far too long,,i mean give it up its obvious the guy is not going to the ground,,he held on forever,when he lets go,,he backs out wide open with his head down,,what an uppercut he got hit with,,another favorite goes days of taking favs is over,,looking at gonzaga over cro cop right now,,after gsp never say never.............these fights you have to take the dogs and forget about it,,sooner or later you will cash big...............this sport is getting to popular for its own good,,gone are the days when you could pick the better fighter and win 80 percent of the everything else now...........:blackeye:


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                Actually I'm pretty good at picking the right guy (MMA was my gateway to betting hah)... the key is looking at the styles matchups. I would NOT bet on gonzaga... in fact at -500, Crocop has value. I almost bet on Soko for the hell of it, I should've. And yes Zelg was winning, but what a dumbass voluntarily going to the ground to play with Takimoto. I'll still take betting alot on MMA over ANY other sport by far. Maybe thats because I feel most comfortable, and am obsessed with it hahaha.

                This weekend wasn't a good weekend to pick faves, at least with UFN9 and UFC, lotsa potential for upets, and we saw them. I'm pissed because a month or 2 ago before I redeposited after a 5 month hiatus, I picked diaz (over gomi), trigg (over misaki) and Hendo (over wand). I woulda seriously bet on all 3 of them and they all won. :bang:


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                  yooooo i had all three of those dogs and three favs parlayed:) 5 bucks paid of the only parlays i ever hit but what a pisser:beerbang: i had the ticket posted on here as well...............