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  • UFC 153 Predictions

    Check out Evergreen's analysis of UFC 153 right here: <a href="" title="UFC 153 Picks">UFC 153 Picks</a>.
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    The Silva pick is a pretty easy one to make, I think. He's moving up a weight-class to save another card. His belt is not in jeopardy. No one would fault him if he loses. The guy is in a no-lose situation here and he's still a -1100 favorite. Sure, go ahead and lay those odds - ick. Meanwhile, Bonnar has never been finished in his career. He's looked MASSIVE in the weigh-in compared to Spider who weighed in at 202, and Bonnar also has nothing to lose.

    I agree with the prediction of the Fitch, based purely on value - as that is what I do with most of my UFC picks. Except that he said Fitch would win the stand-up war... well, one - their probably won't be one with Fitch's style, and two - Erick Silva is a freaking juggarnaut and if Hendricks can catch Fitch off-guard, Silva can do the same.

    What about the Nogueira/Herman, Prado/Davis and Texiera/Maldonado reviews?
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