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K-1 Dynamyte USA........HEY YUKON???

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  • K-1 Dynamyte USA........HEY YUKON???

    We have some MMA action tonight, the K-1 event. Interesing main event with former WWE wrestler Brock Lesner making his MMA debut. I know he was supposed to fight this giant guy but that guy couldnt get a visa or something? Now they have him too juiced to make any money, good opportunities if you like the dogs?? Former NFL receiver Johnny Morton is also making his debut. The problem is that besides Sakuraba and Gracie I am not too familiar with the rest of the guys? I need to tap into some of that Yukon knowledge!!!!! Any thoughts on tonights fights guys?? I know they are showing some of the undercard on Showtime with the rest of the good fights on PPV. We also have the WEC "PPV style" fights on free t.v. tomorrow night on Verses, dont know if they have lines on those. Just love to jump on every chance I have to place some MMA wagers and was wondering if any of you all were in on this.

    Thanks Forum:beerbang:

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    List out the odds for me...

    Right now I'm looking at bookmaker and only see 5 of the fights. That said, I don't see very much opportunity with this card. Brad Pickett seems pretty decent at +265 (value wise). Gracie is at +190 and is probably more motivated to win than Sak, but I still think Sakuraba beats him. JZ is at -450 and is a badass at LW, but the price isn't worth it, although its very doubtful in my opinion that Nam wins (even though nam is pretty solid). Melvin Manhoeff is at -265, which is probably right. Yoon Dong Sik is deceptively good. However he hasn't faced someone with the insane athleticism and explosive nature of Manhoeff.

    Parlays could be interesting, post whatever odds you're looking at.


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      K-1 Hero's MMA Game Spread Money Line Total Points Team Total Points
      Sat 6/2 101 Brock Lesnar -1000
      8:00PM (EST) 102 Min Soo Kim +650
      * Game Note: L.A. Memorial Coliseum: K-1 HERO's MMA
      Sat 6/2 104 Kazushi Sakuraba -240
      7:30PM (EST) 105 Royce Gracie +190
      * Game Note: L.A. Memorial Coliseum: K-1 HERO's MMA
      Sat 6/2 107 Melvin Manhoef -280
      7:00PM (EST) 108 Dong Sik Yoon +210
      * Game Note: L.A. Memorial Coliseum: K-1 HERO's MMA


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        :bang: :bang: :bang: I forgot the wife was going to drag me to a cheesy wedding today, I have yet to place any bets. Ill look and see if any of them are still open. I appreciate the reply guys, Ill let you know if I bet. Usually when I mess with fights that I dont know anything about it turns out bad? Either way Ill watch and buy the PPV just to have some fun tonight.
        good luck if you bet guys!


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          This one is a no play for me. didnt have time to get in on any that I liked and Im not paying -350 for Big Moe over Ruben warpath or whatever his name is. Im just excited to see Johnny Morton and Brock Lesnor if for nothing else than the curiousity factor. Ill let you guys know how the fights go if you want the spoilers.


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            First fight of the night looked absolutely unreal. Johnny Morton got knocked out with one punch. In all seriousness it looks BAD. Johnny didnt open his eyes for at least two minutes, they are putting a neck brace on him and putting him on the back board. the paramedics are all over it. WOW, Hope he is O.K., still cant believe it and Ive seen a lot of knockouts?????

            Second fight, Might Moe beats warpath with a hell of a left hand shot to his right eye. Fight lasted about 90 seconds?

            Third fight was awesome, dong sik yoon beats melvin manheam by arm bar. yoon got his ass beat for the 1st half of rd. 1, his right eye was swollen shut at the end of 1. I thought the ref would stop it but they keept going and Yoon didnt waste anytime taking it to the ground and ending it in the 2nd with the sub. That guy is one tough SOB!!!!!!!

            4th fight pretty damn good for as long as it lasted, super quick and good action! Hideo tokero (sp?) beats "one punch" Pickett with submission, think it was an armbar? happened so fast?

            5th fight. First off I will not say anything negative about this fight due to the respect I have for both of these guys and what they have done for the sport. It was what it was, the crowd was booing but they dont understand the technical match up between two guys who are obviously past their prime. Gracie wins unanimous decision????? Ill leave it at that, congrats to the Gracie family.

            Main event???? Dont really know what that was? Brock took him down and basically had the mount and was throwing some blows to the side of the other guys head and the guy tapped from it? I dont know, Brock is definately a tremendous athlete but still VERY rough around the edges. If he can learn some skills he would be very dangerous based on pure power alone.

            As for the PPV, I wont buy K-1 again for a while, their production and delays between fights was aweful! The show just came off as very low budget. Let them get some events under their belt in the U.S. and maybe Ill buy it again. But until then, Ill look for the bootleg copy....LOL!!!
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              have yoon on three parlays:beerbang:
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                hell plus 210 wish i had him straight up:bang:


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                  well my doggie grand slam parlay when down with kim:blackeye: had gracie,yoon,kim, and sultan in boxing............ still have yoon alive on one parlay with two future boxing matches.......... no parlay winners tonight,,, if i was smart which im not. i would have bet the dogs straight up,, would have made some cash atleast.............


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                    That sucks EddieP, I hate when one guy blows the parlay! Nice play on the other dogs! Get em Next time!!!! June is a big month for MMA, there is something going on every week it seems? Dont know if they are going to have lines for tomorrow nights WEC event. I dont see any as of now but they are having some good matchups on free t.v. Cant beat that! Well see!


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                      Yeah its funny the chat I was in before Yoon/Melvin fight, I picked "the dong". Melvin just isn't good on the ground.

                      I still think Sak beat Gracie as far as I'm concerned. Mario Yamasaki did a horribel job of breaking them up and restarting the fight. At one point Sak was just looking at Yamasaki like hey wtf, break up the clinch so we can fight idiot.

                      WEC odds are posted on bookmaker.


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                        Just an additional note on that Johnny Morton disaster. Seems like things are going from bad to worse according to this mmaweekly article, here is the clip:

                        Former NFL player Johnnie Morton had a night he would like to forget – and probably did. Everything went wrong for the former USC athlete, who took on Japanese TV personality Bernard Ackah.
                        Morton came out swinging wildly and Ackah returned fire, then defended a takedown attempt by Morton. Ackah then ended Morton’s night, knocking him out cold with a huge right hook thirty-eight seconds into the bout. Morton would need the assistance of a stretcher to make his way out of the ring. Post-fight, Morton refused to give a doping sample and was indefinitely suspended by the California Athletic Commission, according to

                        I also agree with you Yukon, I believe the judges threw Gracie a bone last night. Makes for a better story having him defend the family name against the "Gracie Hunter"? I think sakuraba was much busier, did more "damage" and was pressing the fight? But Like I said, It was what it was? I hope they both leave it at that.
                        Should be good tonight, we'll see.


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                          Tonight's fights should actually be very competitive... In fact I really think this is gonna be a great event for live cable tv. Several of them could go either way...

                          Farrar could upset Urijah

                          Yahya could definitely pose problems for Hominick if he is able to take him down.

                          I don't like Karalexis so I think Smith can beat him.

                          Stann doens't seem too much better than Zellner.

                          Serdyukov could beat Allessio, but John should beat him again for the 2nd time, shoudl be exciting though.

                          Micah Miller and Cub Swanson should also be very competitive.

                          Larson should be pretty exciting in his fight.
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                            Hey Yukon, that WEC event impressed me more than last nights K-1. The card was solid if you ask me. I love to see the smaller shows, those guys see their chance for some t.v. exposure and make the most of it. I see good things ahead for the WEC! As a fan, you cant beat more mma action for free, keep em coming, we love it!!:beerbang: