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    It seems that Rashad Evans has been drinking the same kool-aid as my fellow capper Yukon....... Just kidding buddy, here a clip from his interview. Dont forget they are showing the countdown to 73 tonight on Spike followed by a Sean Sherk special, should be good. I cant wait!!!

    Many people believe that Tito hasn’t been the same in a while. After all, his last three fights he has beaten Ken Shamrock twice and lost to Chuck Liddell. “I feel like he’s really only fought Ken Shamrock,” Evans said. “He tried against Chuck. But he’s scared of Chuck, and he doesn’t look like the same fighter. His fight with Forrest Griffin could have went either way.”

    Evans trains out of the very popular Greg Jackson camp, which has fallen on hard times as of late. Joey Villasenor, Keith Jardine, Diego Sanchez and Georges St-Pierre have all lost their last fights, but that doesn’t affect Rashad. “Every time I go out there, I fight for the Jackson team. I always try to go out there and represent. It’s unfortunate that we lost a few in a row, but that’s the name of the game. I won’t feel any added pressure though.”

    Rashad is looking to get his camp back on track with a win over Tito Ortiz. His training partner Nate Marquardt is fighting on the same card for the middleweight title. Many people say that you are only as good as your training partners, and Evans agrees. “It’s been a great experience, and it’s a privilege to get to train with those guys.”

    Rashad believes that he has some large advantages over Ortiz that will help lead him to victory. He believes his wrestling and speed will be determining factors in this fight. “I think I’d beat him in a wrestling match, but it isn’t a wrestling match. I am faster than him and I am quicker than him. I’m good at scrambling,” said the Michigan native. “Tito doesn’t like to get hit. He doesn’t like to exchange. Patrick Cote rocked him a couple times and he took him down. I don’t care what he says, his game plan will be ground and pound.”

    With Ortiz’ busy schedule and very public relationship with Jenna Jameson, Rashad believes that distractions have made him less of a fighter. “I kind of think he’s went in a downward spiral lately. There are too many distractions. He hasn’t looked like himself in a long time. I don’t think he believes in himself as much as he says he does.”

    With all of the hype surrounding this match up, and with some of the things that Ortiz has said about Evans, Rashad doesn’t let any of it get to him. “If I let him get under my skin, I guess I’m just as weak as he is. He has no confidence in himself. He’s an insecure guy.”

    Evans is completely confident in his abilities to defeat Tito and offered a prediction. “They are gonna raise my hand in victory, in the second round, 3:36. It’s gonna be a knockout!”


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      Didn't see the show but apparently Couture picked Rashad... :-D

      I did see all access Sherk... that guy has the most amazing dedication with training and eating right that I have EVER seen. Its hard to not like someone who is that intense about keeping the belt. That said, the value is with Hermes, and theres a damn good chance that Franca catches him in a sub from the bottom. Hermes better bring a full gas tank though.

      Marquardt better follow the game plan that Greg Jackson has put together for him, and not choose the "hey I'm proud, I'm gonna stand and bang". Nate follows smart game plan - he wins.


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        Randy cant pick every fight correct.....LOL!! he is due for a loss. I dont know that he picked Rashad as much as he basically said what you have pointed out. He said that Rashad presents a bad match up for Tito.....He also said that if Rashad doesnt stick to his game plan that Tito will capitalize on any mistake? You could take his statements either way. Bottom line, it was the best countdown show yet. Check the listings for the replay, definately worth checking out! Yea, the muscle shark is something else, Joe rogan said he looks like a comic book character....His build is unreal! I cant wait buddy!!!!


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          here you go yukon!!!!!!!

          Sat 7/7 1 Anderson Silva -165
          10:00PM (EST) 2 Nate Marquardt +135
          * Game Note: Middleweight Matchup - ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 4 Sean Sherk -240
          10:00PM (EST) 5 Hermes Franca +190
          * Game Note: Lightweight Matchup - ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 7 Tito Ortiz -135
          10:00PM (EST) 8 Rashad Evans +105
          * Game Note: Light Heavyweight Matchup - ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 10 Kenny Florian -300
          10:00PM (EST) 11 Alvin Robinson +220
          * Game Note: ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 13 Antonio Minotauro Nogueira -700
          10:00PM (EST) 14 Heath Herring +500
          * Game Note: ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 16 Stephan Bonnar -450
          8:00PM (EST) 17 Mike Nickels +325
          * Game Note: ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 19 Jorge Gurgel -260
          8:00PM (EST) 20 Diego Saraieva +200
          * Game Note: ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 22 Chris Lytle -185
          8:00PM (EST) 23 Drew Fickett +145
          * Game Note: ARCO Arena, CA
          Sat 7/7 25 Mark Bocek +220
          8:00PM (EST) 26 Frank Edgar -300
          * Game Note: ARCO Arena, CA


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            yukon i need a huge parlay!!!!!!!!!!!!! lines r from betus........will post dimes in a little bit


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              UFC 73 - ARCO Arena, Sacramento, California - PPV
              Sat 7/7 601 Anderson Silva -155
              10:00PM (EST) 602 Nate Marquardt +135
              Sat 7/7 701 Sean Sherk -250
              10:00PM (EST) 702 Hermes Franca +210
              Sat 7/7 801 Tito Ortiz -120
              11:00PM (EST) 802 Rashad Evans +100
              Sat 7/7 901 Heath Herring +500
              10:10PM (EST) 902 Minotauro Nogueira -800
              Sat 7/7 903 Alvin Robinson +250
              10:10PM (EST) 904 Kenny Florian -325
              Sat 7/7 905 Mike Nickels +360
              7:45PM (EST) 906 Stephan Bonnar -495
              Sat 7/7 907 Diego Saraiva +215
              7:45PM (EST) 908 Jorge Gurgel -275
              Sat 7/7 909 Mark Bocek +195
              7:45PM (EST) 910 Frank Edgar -255
              Sat 7/7 911 Chris Lytle -450
              7:45PM (EST) 912 Jason Gilliam +330


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                on a side note some of these matchups are different........also this is the earliest ive ever seen a full ufc card posted.......wont put any bets in just yet, put your thinking cap on yukon:beerbang:


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                  This is a hard card to parlay, but potential for a huge parlay payout.

                  Heres the money maker parlay for you...

                  Nog (altho herring at +500 is insane)
                  Bocek (based on value)

                  I don't know much about Florian's opponent but hes good on the ground. Gurgel's opponent is also very good at bjj... so thats gonna be a grappling battle. Bocek is sick at bjj, but Frank Edgar has shown to be a beast, I think Frankie will win, but bocek's bjj skills at +200 is worth it in a big parlay.

                  I've been swaying with Nate Marquardt... I have a feeling hes going to want to stand and bang with Silva, in which case he will get KTFO. Hopefully Nate sticks to a game plan, takes Anderson down, and does GNP from the top. Anderson does NOT look good from the bottom.

                  War Rashad.

                  I truly think Hermes is gonna pull off some sick BJJ. How do you counter a crazy wrestler with GnP? The answer is slick jiu jitsu. Hermes has it, its just a matter of executing. Sherk is veryyy game though, so he can definitely win. I'd maek another parlay with this flipflopped.

                  Nog/Herring THey fought twice in Pride, Nog winning both, and one ending in badass anaconda choke. That said, Herring could throw some of those crazy punches and catch Nog, although his chin is like iron so I doubt that happens. Go with Big Nog.... as the trilogy of Pride HW's begins to take over UFC (fedor, crocop, big nog, game over).


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                    Ive been thinking about that hermes/Sherk fight? I agree that hermes best bet is to try a submission, the thing is, if he gets Sean in a arm bar for example, I have to think that Sherk is just too damn strong? Im not sure hermes can land any of those crazy looping punches... Sherk is good at keeping himself compact, hands up, chin down. If hermes pulls that fight from his back crap he should get pounded out. This fight is getting harder to figure, and like you said after seeing the Sherk special last night, how do you go against him? The guys is a training freak! Does he even have a neck that hermes could put a guillotine on?? A triangle or such would be his best bet IMO. It just seems like Sherk is a little ball of dynamite that would explode if you tried to submitt him? This fight is all yours guys, I cant call it.....:nuts:

                    WAR TITO!!! Lol, had to throw that in!


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                      All very good points no1mikefan...

                      I always live by the fact that good technique can and should always beat athleticism. Sean is very strong, and hes very hard to armbar, but Hermes is going to be looking for everything - arm and leg triangles, omaplatas, rear naked choke, etc. Looping punches are the type that will catch sherk because you really don't see them coming. I still think the value is with Hermes at +200. Jiu Jitsu for life :)

                      I really just can't wait to watch this event, it is gonna be ****in awesome.


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                        Yea, you really cant beat TRUE BJJ! Its incredible! Like I said, this one is too hard for me to pick, if your money is on Hermes, Ill be rooting for you! Its going to be one hell of a fight, one hell of a card! I cant wait for the weigh-ins!


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                          yukon i agree with most of your picks,,the first 6 look solid!!!!!!! who is this bocek??? edgar went toe to toe with tyson and how he didnt tap in the third round is beyond me,, the dude s leg was just about broken.........lyttle might be good,,he looked like crap against hughes thats what people remember.who the hell is gargoyle?? i mean gurgel??? need to depo again and hope i can hit something big!!!!!!!!!:beerbang:


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                            Gurgel is the cornerman for Rich Franklin, and Rich learns bjj from Jorge.

                            Bocek is a black belt in bjj, and got it from one of the best schools around. If theres one thing to counter Frank's strong wrestling, its bjj.

                            I wouldn't say Lytle looked like crap... hes well rounded and is a tough guy. He'll win NO DOUBT about it. *that fight is a lock


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                              Did you see that crap about Baroni testing positive for two different steroids? He's out for a year, WTF?? You know Shamrock will be talking all kinds of SH&T now...:bang: :bang:


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                                Yeah, its crazy how so many fighters are getting busted, apparently in California. The ironic thing is most that test positive, are losing haha...

                                I'd also like to note - I'd stay away from picking Florian in a parlay where you got alot of money. I don't know if I just don't like Kenny or what, but after hearing the interview with his opponent, Alvin Robinson, alvin seems veryyy confident. Looks like a physically stronger guy as well. Alvin is 8-1 with almost all his wins coming from submission in the 1st round. He probably takes people down, uses his strength to get good position and gets the tap out. The thing about this matchup with Kenny is that when 2 bjj guys go at it, normally the stronger one will win a decision. That said, Alvin appears to be a decent bet in a parlay with dogs.

                                Bocek and Edgar both sounded confident in their interview, that fight is gonna be so badass, I hope they show it.

                                Marquardt and Hermes both need to come out very aggressive and push the pace. Marquardt is a hard bet in that sometimes it just seems like he doesn't execute. He definitely has the skills to beat Anderson, but he better not be an idiot and try to stand. I don't care how heavy he thinks his hands are, Anderson will kill him lure him in and KNEE him the **** out lol. Greg Jackon better get on Nate's ass about the right game plan.