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  • Hopkins vs Wright

    I've been on Winky since the fight was made, but so is the rest of the world. The lines are way too close for comfort. -130 for Ronald and Even for Bernard. What kind of crap is this? Winky is straight undefeated, has steel pillars for a defense and is a jabbing machine. Hopkins is 41, has several losses, and is pretty much making his way out the door. He beat Tarver after Tarver dropped 60+ pounds after shooting Rocky 6, other than that he has 2 close losses to JT. Hopkins is true at 160 though, and Winky is true at 154.

    I don't know, I really don't get it. Soooooooooooo.........
    Here is my plan. I am going to wait for the public to jump on Winky even harder and watch the lines take a nice shift. That's when my money gets placed on Hopkins Saturday morning.

    I have no real logic backing my pick. Just a fan of the Executioner. Two defensive craftsmen, just want to enjoy the fight.

    B Hop by quick pot shots down the middle all day...

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    Just adding on...don't mean to reply to my own post.

    I left out that it is for the LHW Title (169-175)

    I don't know if Winky can really carry that weight. I know Hopkins can, which pretty much answers my own question (why the lines are close).


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      Hopkins +120 and rising!!!

      I just know, he's going to close at +140 or higher.
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        Originally posted by V3r1f13d View Post
        Hopkins +120 and rising!!!

        I think the weight is really gonna be too much for Winky. We shall see. I am not purchasing it though in fear that it's a defensive snoozefest. They should have combined the Gatti/Gomez, Williams/Margarito, Cintron/Argentina guy fights with this one for a superb PPV. Damn promoters and their greed. Like De La Hoya doesn't have enough money already.

        Oh well.


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          Ya, I know what you are saying. I really haven't even looked at the under card. Maybe sopcast will show it. Either that or I will go somewhere and watch it. It's not the amount of money to order it, it's just the principle of it (paying to watch one fight which doens't mean much).

          Ronald is now at -150. Ha ha...


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            whats your take on the weigh in fiasco?? Think its legit, or just good promotion on Bernards part? Gotta admitt, does make it more interesting to the casual fan which in turn might increase the PPV buys. Genius if you ask me, Bernard is no dummy and he knows this fight is missing the "must see" factor. Gotta give him credit! Still cant call this one, Big fan of B-hop and lately when I let my heart influence my money, I kick myself in the nuts??
            Good luck Tomorrow night guys!!! Probably just be watching this one...:beerbang:
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              I think it's fake, there is no real beef betwen the two. Partially promotional and partially to get in Winky's head a bit. Too little too late for the promotion though.

              Winky making 170 on the dot suprised me more than anything. It's nice to see 2 world class professionals both weigh in on the dot.

              Hopkins is still at 120, I will get it around 3 or 4 PM tommorow. Possibly sooner if I see some late money on Hopkins.

              Thinking about 2 units on this one, not really sure. Want to play some bases to, but we'll see. I really don't like playing more than 5 units at a time unless the occasion calls for it (playoffs, etc.)


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                That was such a joke a staged joke of a "scuffle". Not a punch thrown, nothing. All staged. BHop just trying to sell PPV's and last minute tickets.

                Winky made 170, so how much weight does he shed by tonight's fight? 6-10 lbs?


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                  I don't really think he had to get bloaded overnigh to make weigh, but if he does come in under tonight I doubt it could be any more then a couple pounds.

                  Here is what I don't really believe, what a way to kill Hopkins motivation:
                  Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, has ordered that 10% of Bernard Hopkins' $3 million purse be withheld for pushing Winky Wright in the face during Thursday's weigh-in. The incident initiated a brief scuffle. At the end of the month, the commission will rule on whether "The Executioner" will be fined or suspended over the incident.

                  This is a problem. Everytime I can recall them docking pay from a fighter, or even the fighter having financial problems outof the ring, he always ends up losing. Right No1MikeFan? Ever since Tyson filed BK it was all downhill.

                  It kills the fighters motivation.

                  Seriously though...$300,000 for pushing him?


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                    Yea, I hope it doesnt come to that but you make a good point! Im hoping that in Mikes case, it was a lot more to do with not wanting to fight anymore but having to after the bankruptcy? He said the only reason he fought Lennox was for the check? He just didnt have it in his heart anymore and when your getting older as a fighter, if your heart and head are not in it, your going to lose. He just didnt care anymore and it sucked to see as his No1fan....LOL! I hope Bernard isnt affected by the 10% fine but damn that is huge! 300K for pushing Winky, BULLS%IT!!! I agree with you guys that is was some last minute hype to sell tickets. Its a shame that it will cost him that much money. I hope Bernard can pull it out, will be a great chapter to add to the closing parts of his career book. That damn Winky is just so hard to hit and hurt? Teddy Atlas made some good points last night in his fight gameplan for B-hop. He said Bernard should work some punches into Winkys gaurd and then slip to his left and catch Winky with the left hand to the head and body. Sounded good to me and we all know that Bernard is very smart when it comes to figuring out his opponents... If it wasnt for his lack of offense against Taylor, I believe he would of pulled those out. Should be a great fight and Im just hoping that it has a definate winner, dont want to see any split decisions or a FU$KING DRAW:bang: :bang:
                    GOOD LUCK TONIGHT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      It's just been my experience anyways, that when a fighter gets their pay docked they end up losing. Maybe I'm onto a new system :)

                      Either way, the pay dock did throw me back a bit but I can't abort just becuase of it. Just took Hopkins. Only for a unit though.

                      Also playing the Oscar Larios vs Jorge Linares Over 10.5 (-130)
                      Didn't study it too much, and I don't know who Linares is. Larios is getting old but still has a chin. Linares isn't a KO artist, neither of them are really. Just think it will go the distnace. To win a half unit.


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                        we'll know in about 4 hours if your on to a new system V3? I hope for your money that your not....Good luck tonight with B-Hop, Ill be pulling for him and your wallet...:beerbang: :beerbang:


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                          who in their right mind would think bhop will out box winky?? the public should be allover winky and the line is still low...:beerbang: i liked winky from the start,with that said i would take bhop,afterall he did beat tarver,,i dont know how he did it,,but he did it.......these guys wont hurt each other,,might be a dance contest,, i will watch just for fun....... im not betting , good luck v3 hope you make some cash!!!!!!!:beerbang:


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                            Well, the late money has come in and Hopkins is now +150 - +160

                            I am the only person in the world who bet Hopkins or what?

                            Going to a friends to watch the fight. Be back tonight.

                            Bases did OK, I guess. 1-1
                            The loss hasn't come in yet, but it is pretty much a done deal.


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                              Man I wish I would of seen this, said it was great??? Congrats V3!!!! better yet, CONGRATS to B-hop!!!! the man is amazing!!!!! :beerbang: :beerbang: