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On The January 2008 NCAAW Hardwood

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  • On The January 2008 NCAAW Hardwood

    I see 5 Dimes has decided to stop being a bitch & actually put up a NCAAW game this season. Unless I have missed it, I have not seen one line up hence why no wagers placed or posted. Anyhow for tonight:

    North Carolina +9.5 -115

    North Carolina +340

    My rankings have the Tar Heels as a 4 pt favorite @ Stoors. This should be a 7-10 point win for the Tar Heels.

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    01/21/08 Recap:

    0-2-0 0% -215 (Based on to win $100 per play for record purposes only)



    0-2-0 0% -215 (Based on to win $100 per play for record purposes only)


    Do not be fooled by last night's results. North Carolina is the better team of the two & if they play again, they will not lose. The game played out like I thought it would especially in the 1st H where NC was running them off the floor at times building an 11pt lead at HT.

    The second half saw NC lose focus for a few minutes but regain their composure to tie the game or be down 1-2 baskets at most. However my biggest complaint was the shoddy officiating in the 2nd H where the Tar Heels could not buy a call.

    I counted at least 11 fouls that should have been called when the Tar Heels were in the paint as they continued to get whacked as they went up for a shot. On the other end, a simple breath seemed to get a whistle to be blown. It is shocking that they only took 5 more FT's in the 2nd H.

    My biggest beef was when NC clearly conceded the game yet the refs called a ticky-tack foul with 2.4 seconds left which led to 2 FT attempts & my +9.5 going up in smoke. Typical b.s. My enjoyment will be when UCONN fails to win the title yet again.



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      America East GOY:

      Binghamton +20 -115

      I know it might seem strange to have a conference GOTY on the second night of NCAAW wagering but I am always following the sport even with no money on the line. This line is way too high especially considering Binghamton is sitting atop the conference with an unbeaten 3-0 record while Hartford is tied for second with Vermont at 3-1. My rankings have Hartford as a 9 point favorite at home.

      These two teams are not that different from one another & the series history shows that. They have met each other 14 times (15th is tonight) in this series which dates back to 2001. The biggest margin of victory was 14 points. 9 of the 14 previous games have been decided by single digits. These are two conference foes who know each other like the back of their hands. There is no surprising one another as what you see is what you get with both squads.

      Statistically the two teams are not that far apart:

      PPG: Hartford 63.7 Binghamton 60.9

      PAPG: Hartford 56.5 Binghamton 63.6

      Rebounds: Hartford 38.3 Binghamton 36.4

      FG%: Hartford .396 Binghamton .393

      FT%: Hartford .701 Binghamton .727

      3PT FG%: Hartford .307 Binghamton .310

      Assists: Hartford 12.4 Binghamton 13.2

      TPG: Hartford 14.5 Binghamton 18.1

      TFPG: Hartford 17.2 Binghamton 16.4

      The history, stats, & my knowledge of the conference knows this is not a game featuring a team 20 points better than their opponent. In my honest opinion I feel this line is inflated due to some of Hartford's wins this season which include a win over a ranked Michigan State squad & a decent Virginia team along with "name" teams like St. John's, Kansas, BYU, etc...

      The problem is most of those name teams are average at best & they just look better because they are from power conferences. Do not be fooled as these two teams are rivals, play tight games, & are not that far apart in overall talent.

      I have no problems backing a team that shoots just about equal to their opponent while being better at the charity stripe & beyond the arc. This should be a wire to wire cover for Binghamton in a game that should see a final score in the upper 50's to mid 60's at best.


      Other Games:

      DePaul +13.5 -115 (Think they win outright)

      Colorado -6.5 -115



      0-2-0 0% -215 (Based on to win $100 per play for record purposes only)


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        BOL tonight :thumbs:
        Overall Records

        Each play is to win the # of units posted unless it's a dog then I'm betting that amount.


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          01/22/08 Recap:

          3-0-0 100% +300 (Based on to win $100 per play for record purposes only)



          3-2-0 60% +85 (Based on to win $100 per play for record purposes only)

          TY wsox


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            7:00 pm EST

            Virginia Tech +9.5 -115


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              01/25/08 Recap:

              0-1-0 0% -115 (Based on to win $100 per play for record purposes only)



              3-3-0 50% -30 (Based on to win $100 per play for record purposes only)

              Lost a tough one as missing the opening line of 10.5 cost me a victory.


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                12:00 pm EST

                Central Michigan +10 -115

                Tennessee Tech -3.5 -115


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                  1:00pm EST

                  Coastal Carolina -3 -115


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                    2:00 pm EST

                    North Carolina -2.5 -115

                    St. John's +10.5 -115 (Feel they win outright)

                    Missouri +22 -115


                    5pm EST:

                    Stanford -9 -115

                    Texas Tech +1 -115


                    7pm EST:

                    Florida State PK -115


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                      It seems they moved the Maryland-UNC game up to 1pm EST. I had my wager in for awhile now before I posted. 5D still has the game up as being at 2pm EST which is what my schedule says as well. The game is still up as I write this post. I apologize for the mixup.


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                        GL today Gambler....:thumbs:
                        Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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                          12pm est

                          Loyola Maryland +20.5 -115

                          Rhode Island +9 -115


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                            12:30 pm

                            North Carolina State -10 -115


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                              Minnesota -5.5 -115



                              Louisville +6 -115 (Wrong team favored)

                              Hofstra +25 -115

                              Fordham +15 -115