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  • JoePa

    This is probably a stupid question, but seeing as how this is a forum to share information, who is the Oven Mitt!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!
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    Damn Reignman.....sorry you haven't met him yet!

    But he's a quirky little guy from China who came to America in 2003. He doesn't have great fashion sense, and still wears the same quilted clothes that he brought over with him. He is light complected with narrow eyes and has just one wisp (lock) of hair that falls onto his forehead from the top of his scalp. He's definitely not a trend setter, but does his damndest to fit in and this forum and the previous one has been very good for his ego.

    He has been able to come out of his shell and his English, although limited to about 8 short phrases, is well understood and respected by the a growing list of forum members. He is loved and admired by many and greets me each day with a wide S-E-G plastered across his face. He hasn't been here long, but in his short time he has shown a great love and knowledge about NCAA football and basketball and has been quite successful at one point this basketball season he was 3 games under .500 and correctly picked 12 consecutive winners!

    He works well under pressure and handles heated situations with ease. People like to seem to help him in all situations and always want to give him a hand!

    He doesn't go out in public very often but can be easily lured by the promise of college sports of a hot meal from the oven. He always seems to be around at dinner time and is very willing to help out with dinner preparation...thus his nickname!

    Just watch as the growing list of forum members posts their testimonials about him in this thread....I will post his picture tomorrow with his consent of course.....:glass:
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      Sounds like Kobayashi!!
      NCAA Basketball
      86-66-2... +77.3Units


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        Pretty Much like Kobayashi....but a lot shorter believe it or not! I promise to post his picture for ya, but he's kind of sensitive about things like that.....I always ask first!:beerbang:

        C'mon guys don't be afraid to tell ReignMan what Oven Mitt has done for ya, or one of your fondest Mitt stories....

        Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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          Ahhhhhhh yes the man they call "the mitt"......

          Joepa can provide the best insight on "the mitt" as he knows him best. From what I hear he is one who likes to work behind the scenes versus being in the spotlight.

          If you ask him a question, he will most likely respond with a "Yes" "Yes" "Yes" or a "Definitely" or one of his other popular phrases, as Joepa mentioned his english is a bit limited.

          He is a soft spoken lad, but when he speaks I will tell you people listen. In this forum, it is not wise to go against "the mitt" he will have cold streaks as we all do, but "the mitt" karma will always come alive and rise to the top.

          You mention the great Kobayashi! Even Kobayashi would not even dare to go against "the mitt".......if I am not mistaken Joepa, doesn't "the mitt" hold some food record as well?


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            Ah TeeBee you are also wise beyond your years!:bow:

            The Mitt hold some sort of record in the number of people served at his restaurant, but alas, his numbers are not in the billions as those at McDonalds....LOL

            His photo is coming today....any other fond Mitt memories for ReignMan?
            Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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              All I can tell you is "Do Not Fade the Oven Mitt". Much like trying to pull a dish out of the oven at 250 degrees, without the mitt you will get burned. Now that I too know that the mitt is of oriental descent, I can't wait for his first "Res, Res, Res" pick. When that happens, I'm unloading. When I get a "Refinetly", I'm putting everything JoePa's won for me on it.


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                The Mitt

                Do not post much, but I must give tribute to "the mitt", as he is affectionately referred to. The mitt will help you handle those "hot" picks that arrise every once in a while. Never one to delve into massive amounts of picks, he seems to be uncanny in his ability to aquire info pertaining those games he chooses to cap. Seems to wander around in the mid section of the country, visiting various bastions of info that are pertinent to capping games correctly (my guess is something like a "kitchen cabinet" type of thing). The "mitt" is someone worth noting. He only relinquishes his picks to joepa, a revered legend in my home state (except maybe in Pittsburgh). The "mitt" will enhance your winnings, if his past record is any indication. It is common knowledge here to go against the "mitt" with a pick might just leave you in a very "hot place" and chances are you'll get burned. Follow his picks, and monitor his record....he has become a legend on his own. :thx: :beerbang:
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                O/U'S: 28-16(+6.50 U's)
                ML's 2-3 (+0.2 U's)
                RESULTS:(+6.45 U's)

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                  The Mitt is to be respected in his picks as I have tracked him for some time and more often than not he is on the right side, what I really love about him is the courage in wich his makes his picks.He is not wishy/washy about his selections and seem to be very confident when time to pull the trigger.I have tried to fade him before and got burned badly. so now when I have a pick that goes against the mitt, I look at the scars from past burns and lay it down as I try to learn from my previous mistakes......LONG LIVE THE MITT !


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                    Porn Star?

                    Is it true that the Mitt has a big crank and was thinking about becoming a porn star? I thought I read that in the Enquirer!! LMAO!! Just remember...Ride the Mitt! He's the Dapper Capper!! LMAO!

                    From one beer lover to another! Strohs Beer!

                    Lost all control of my record!! It's a new year Let's see if I can do better! :drunk:


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                      oven mitt. great nickname


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                        The Mitt is The #1 SEED

                        of all #1 seeds .. Believe that
                        Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole

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                          Wow! The anticipation of seeing the Oven Mitt is overwhelming!!
                          NCAA Basketball
                          86-66-2... +77.3Units


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                            And he is.......
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                            Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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                              Classic!! I can definitely see the Asian descent, maybe an Albino Asian!?!?!
                              NCAA Basketball
                              86-66-2... +77.3Units