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  • Head to Head Bracket Contest

    <b>Rules and Info:</b>

    We're accepting the first 64 guys here who post that their in.

    In order to participate, you will need to sign up at Betus for an account (<b>no deposit required!</b>) or already have an account there. You will need to email this account number to along with your forum username. Please put "March Madness Betus Contest" in the topic of the email.

    Simply post here that you are IN and we'll add you to the 64 team roster.

    Once we get 64, we will create a thread for each head to head matchup. These threads will be listed in the contest forum located on the main forums page at the very bottom. Look for the " March Madness Bracket Contest". Here is a link to where you can find this contest and where players will post their picks each round: <a href="">CLICK HERE</a>

    Number 1 will play 2, 3 will play 4 and so on. Each round, we'll post updated matchups with who you play. You will need to pick the games we list in the thread using the point spreads that we list. There will be a tiebreaker in each head to head as well. Please don't forget to post it. If you tie with the other guy and you have no tiebreaker, you automatically lose.

    One entry per household.

    1st Grand Prize Winner ($1000 account)
    2nd Prize Winners ($500 free play)
    3rd and 4th ($250 free plays)
    5th, 6th, 7th, 8th ($100 free plays)

    Terms on prizes: 6x rollover and no w/d for 60 days.

    Note: If you copy the picks of the player in your head to head matchup that posted first, hoping to one point him on the tiebreaker, you will be dq'd.
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    Official List of Participants:

    1. EMV01
    2. Whaleydog
    3. bookiekilla
    4. daws1089
    5. shorts
    6. cusefan10
    7. johnnymapleleaf (If wins, is tied to JB)
    8. homedawg
    9. wsox08
    10. PaulM
    11. tactics
    12. manmythlegend
    13. Leafs3113 (If wins, is tied to Larry)
    14. RahStahMan
    15. Chris
    16. Loaded Shooter
    17. theghost1971
    18. fitter
    19. LarxX
    20. NittanyLions94
    21. Yomonte
    22. gadfly36
    23. Naught33
    24. Fozzy
    25. HalfManHalfAmazin
    26. DanAnderson32
    27. Horfin
    28. Phillyfan3
    29. LA Dream Team
    30. BillyBarooooooo
    31. bosox04
    32. reggie26
    33. Kevin
    34. Wiskers
    35. Smacky
    36. bigmoe
    37. yukoncornelius
    38. skinsfan
    39. irishnd
    40. MacDaddy
    41. BuzzBomb
    42. CoachDitka
    43. Boilerbacker
    44. duke0399
    45. Meestermike (If wins, is tied to Jerbeek)
    46. colehamels35
    47. Williwonka05
    48. Queen
    49. flyersfan
    50. Augie
    51. Vazman05
    52. landon4279
    53. Underdog88
    54. Gr8fulj
    55. Hackman
    56. HomerHomerun
    57. Stiflers Mom
    59. jerbeek
    61. JB
    63. Larry
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      We are allowing newbies to get in.

      Also, from what I understand, Betus doesnt allow Canadian players.

      The only thing I can think of to get around this issue is to have any canadian guys that wanna play pair up with an american moderator from the forum that their buddies with. At this point, that's all I can figure out. This would give the moderator more chances to win (which I dont think anybody will have any problems with as these guys/gals are volunteers) and it would give the canadian player a chance to still get in on the action. If you are a canadian player, please note this when you email me and I'll tie you in with a Mod. I hate to exclude anybody!

      There is still lots of room left!
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        im gonna start posting matchups in a few mins!


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          Originally posted by Kevin View Post
          im gonna start posting matchups in a few mins!

          Kevin...any idea if this will be done tonight? Just wondering....thanks:thumbs:


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            Their going up starting at 3:30 am est.

            The first game starts Friday at 7:20 pm est so plenty of time to post tomorrow.


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              Originally posted by Kevin View Post
              Their going up starting at 3:30 am est.

              The first game starts Friday at 7:20 pm est so plenty of time to post tomorrow.
              I thought the games start around noon on thursday:conf:


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                :thumbs: nevermind...just saw that we won't be picking all the games this year like we did last year...ok...time for me to get my ass to bed...thanks for all the hard work with this contest kevin....


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                  Yes, indeed, the tourney starts early but we're only listing seven games to pick from along with a tiebreaker. The earliest game on our contest starts at 7:20 PM EST.

                  Good luck everybody. Please go to the contest section which can be found on the main forums page to make your picks.

                  Or, here is a link to the section you'll be making your picks. Find your head to head thread and lettem fly. Don't forget your tiebreaker!