3 units

TULSA-4 vs mia o= well for some reason or other this play wont cash, line hasnt moved despite most of the action on mia ohio. but f it, bramos is a big loss for a team that doesnt score a lot. imo vegas risks a big middle if they raise the line anymore than they did so i dont wanna overthink myself. tulsa has won 8 str8 home games by double digits, expecting low scoring game with the hurricans pulling away for 8+ point win. the home dominance coupled with absense of bramos is why i like this play alot. mia o great at d but tulsa isnt a bad defensie team. in fact, their big guy Jordan has more blocks than mia o does as a team!

however, the most likely scenario is mia o will actually better on offense without their leading scorer and will lose by 3.

regardless, big play on TULSA.

gl guys :beerbang: