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  • friday

    i need to avoid my previous pattern of slowly falling off as the season goes on, i have a legit bankroll this year and i can bet with no worries at all and im all aoubt money management this year, i will very rarely have more than 2 units on any 1 play.

    that being said im sparkin it off with a 2 unit banger

    2 units

    ARK LITTLE ROCK-3.5 at cal poly= the trojans return their full starting lineup from last years 20 win team, cal poly from everything i've gathered has a weak team with very low expectations, they struggle offensively, shooting only 40% last year, ark lr held opponents to just that last year, so i think the mustangs will struggle on offense, the muststangs have weak depth upfront, ark lr outrebounded opponents last year on avg by more than 5 a game, so the trojans should have the advantage on the glass and get more extra possessions. this game i could see being closer than i would hope since its first game and itso n the west coast, but ark lr is just a better team and i dont think this is the type of road environment that will effect their game too much, and to only have to lay a few is solid. cal poly is a weak squad.

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    Welcome back B, and here's to a good season :beerbang: