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fitters 12/29 later pix

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  • fitters 12/29 later pix

    going with these tonite...good thing cornell game didn't have another minute left on clock! these are 1 unit plays unless noted, and there may be more later
    s. ill -7 win
    ill st pk win
    evansville +3.5 loss
    creighton -1 loss
    cuse -4 win
    s clara +5.5 loss
    houston -6.5 loss
    wvu -12 (too big under the glass) loss
    kent +1.5 pending win
    drex +3.5 win
    totals .5 units each
    O137 drex/RI gm win
    O150.5 e,ky/morg st gm loss
    U149.5 clev st/k st gm win
    U137 Ind st/s ill gm win
    BOL to all..enjoy!!! :thumbs:
    6-5 on nite +0.5 units so far (cornell win earlier)
    3-1 on totals for nite +.95 units for nite
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    CFB'09 season(as of 1/7)
    Reg season RESULTS:(-12.98 U's)
    Sides: 8-21(-20.5 U's)
    O/U's: 2-6(-1.25 U's)
    ML's: 2-6(-0.70 U's)
    RESULTS(-22.45 U's)
    NFL'09 season(as of 1/3)
    SIDES: 59-51-3(-1.3 U's)
    O/U's: 15-19-2(-3.95 U's)
    ML's: 5-13(-2.47 U's)
    2H's: 8-9(-0.65 U'S)
    RESULTS:(-7.67 U's)
    CBB'09-'10 season(as of 1/9)
    SIDES: 109-101-4(-.25 U's)
    O/U'S: 28-16(+6.50 U's)
    ML's 2-3 (+0.2 U's)
    RESULTS:(+6.45 U's)

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    Too damned cold to be laying pipe outdoors bro...hope ya lay some with yer picks....GL! :thumbs:
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