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  • tues/wed

    figure out rec in a bit

    wed play

    1.1 / 1 u

    Xavier -5.5 @ assler

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    2 u: 2-2: -0.4 u
    1 u: 12-7-1: +4.38 u
    Faves/Pks Overall: 14-9-1: +3.98 u

    2+ u:
    1.25 u: 6-4: +1.999 u
    Short dogs 1 u: 4-3: +0.8 u
    Dogs Overall: 10-7: +2.799 u

    2 u Overs: 2-0 +4 u
    1 u Overs: 1-0:+1 u
    1 u Unders:
    Totals Overall: 3-0: +5 u

    Middle Buybacks: -0.1 u

    ATS: 27-16-1 +11.679 u

    Dog MLs: 2-8: +0.875 u

    ML Parls (0.5 u): 2-2: E

    2nd Halfs (0.5 u):

    I havent been feelin it the past week, was gunshy to fire away tuesday, and it cost me some winners, but shouldawouldacoulda. If there's anything ive learned by going thru the grind the past couple years is that its a long season, and theres no harm in treading lightly if im not feelin locked in. i could have 20 plays one week and only 5 the next.

    Im leavin for florida thursday for a few days and wont really have time to do more than just post my plays for the weekend, so i wanted to write about a few spots i like this weekend now.

    On friday, florida should hang a c note on rider, and if rider can hit a decent amt of 3's they should get to 70. total will likely be in low 160's.

    Also, another over worth a look will be Iowa St vs. Iowa, itll probably be a sub-150 total and should be a pretty fast paced game, White should dominate that matchup and the cyclones have potential to go off big time from 3 land. Iowa will have easier time scoring on iowa st than they did @ no iowa. I'd like to know the status of PG Cartwright first although not necessarily a huge factor, would just think Iowa's offense would run better with him getting minutes. Dont know why he missed tongiht's game

    On Saturday, i think the Hoes-Creighton game will open at like 150 or sometihng like that, but i like the game to get into the 160's. Even tho Hoes hasnt played a lot of high scoring games aside from the game @ iona, they are more than capable of keeping up with the Blue Jays.

    Also, they cant put a high enough total on the long beach-unc game, anything under 170 is a strong bet imo.

    As for the kan-ohio st game, kansas is a well oiled turnover machine. Over/Under 8.5 steals for Craft. wish kansas covered tonight to set up perhaps a value line with ohio st but i can see osu-4.5 now , something like that to make me a little uneasy about it. Kansas is obv a very tough place to play but as long as Sullinger is a go the sloppy play will come back to bite kansas in that matchup. id still probably play buckeyes without Sullinger at the right price

    I like xavier to cover that # because buttler just doesnt have the horses this season. Of course, some random 20% shooting buttler freshman will probably hit 5 3's or something. Itll take this buttler team's by far best performance to date to hang with the x men. Ive gotta think x should come out more focused to start after getting off to such a slow sluggish start vs. purdue. I could see butt really uglying the game up and keeping it frustratingly close but X has too many weapons for butt to deal with for 40 mins, and should pull away at some point.


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      1.07 / 1 u

      Gators-11 vs. zona

      Gators should be out for blood tonight after the cuse loss, Zona loses a key ball handling guard in Turner for this game and with the long travel i dont like their chances here.

      ML Parl

      0.5 / 0.5058 u

      X over buttocksler
      Fla over zona
      Buffalo over niagara


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        BOL tonight, let's hope we both be holdin' some cash tomorrow! GL Beholdah :beerbang:
        Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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          BOL Beholdah
          NFL YTD: 83-75-3 (-4.83 U)
          Spreads: 54-45-2 (+5.95 U)
          Totals: 22-21-2 (-1.2 U)
          Moneylines: 5-4 (+2.48 U)
          Parlays: 1-4 (-10.56 U)
          Teaser: 0-1 (-1.5 U)

          NCAAF: 16-8 (+9.26 U)
          Spreads: 12-8 (+3.3 U)
          Totals: 3-0 (+3 U)
          Parlay: 1-0 (+2.96 U)

          NBA Dec: 13-9-1 (+3.1 U)

          NCAABB: 29-36-3 (-9.1 U)


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            this is a remarkably pathetic showing by florida, i just had to check the boxscore just now, 2-13 from the foul line and boyton/walker 1-17 combined from the field? hows that even possible lol i knew it was bad but not that bad :puke:

            i truly expected a strong showing in this spot by gators, xavier's gonna crap the bed tonight too i presume.

            this vacation couldnt come at a better time for me, hoping to hit those weekend spots i like and perhaps next week i'll go back to bettin on teams that will show up