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  • weekend

    ATS: 55-42-1: +13.656 u
    DOG MLs: 3-14: +0.05 u
    ML Parlays (0.5 u): 9-12: -1.207 u

    gotta double check the numbers but pretty sure the record is accurate, one of these days i will figure out the favorite/total/underdogs breakdowns like ive had all season to see how im doing with the dfifferent bets.

    im glad i only put half units on these ml parlays cuz im doing turrribble with them lately

    In a wierd way im glad i lost the oregon wager because it was a clear as day sucker bet and i need to avoid getting suckered at all costs, easier to learn lessons when it costs money... I'm going to play less games on the open at this stage of the season going forward unless im real confident in the play, if i waited on that oregon play i would have ended up laying off. As i wrote in yesterday's thread, i knew i was going to lose that bet. I want to be on the right side of games like that, this time of year the line can be very telling.

    In regards to the usc-oregon game, im trying to figure out how that talent lacking terrible team has gotten crushed at home, including handled easily by a depleted arizona st team, yet has given cal, standford and oregon all they could handle on the road.
    My theory is that the home teams dont get up to play them at all and think they have an ez victory being at home, and when teams go on the road to usc they come in focused because they know they have to be ready for ANY road game. thats how im making sense of the strange pile of poop that is usc basketball
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    1.1 /1 u

    Iona vs. Rider: Over 164

    Both teams come off low scoring games due to the opponent, i dont expect there to be much defense in this one. Rider will run with Iona, im thinkin 100-82 type game.


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      played one early, like this spot

      1.1 / 1 u

      Idaho-2 vs. utah st

      Idaho has had a week off coming in while aggies are on last game of 4 game road trip, played thursday night (loss @ seattle) now quick turnaround here, far less preparation time. I like Idaho with the fresh legs here


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        brutal loss by a bucket on that over last night, game shouldve gotten over with minutes to spare...

        played these 3 b4 i passed out last night

        all 1.1 /1 u

        Baylor-4 vs. mizzou
        Colorado-1 vs. zona
        Arkansas+1 vs. michigan

        and just added this one

        1.05 / 1 u

        UAB-1 vs. ucf

        5 home teams so far, slept much later than i wanted so about to figure out ml parlays and add 3 or 4 more plays soon


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          1.1/ 1 u

          UTEP+3 @ tulane

          was hoping to get 3 here... utep's 5 road losses have been against much tougher teams, tulane appears be going taking a nosedive like last season


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            1.1 /1 u

            E Wash vs. Portland St: Over 152

            Port St been has gotten 80 or more in last 4 games and e wash doesnt play great defense, they also foul alot, seattle scored 91 on them last game. Think the winner breaks 80 here so ill take my chances. Need 3's to fall at a decent clip, anything but a 6-24 3 pt performance by e wash and i like my chances.


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              0.5/ 0.701 u

              ML Parl

              Baylor over mizzou
              Cuse over nd
              Vandy over miss st


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                1-2 so far and another ml parlay bites the dust cuz of baylor

                apparantly mizzou will be competant road team this least arkansas managed to hold on despite best efforts to give it away

                damn uab looked like they siezed control of the game when they got the lead ...then they didnt score again for rest of game, 5+ mins :laughing:

                0.5 / 0.622

                Cuse over nd
                Vandy over miss st
                Ohio St over nebraska
                St Louis over duquense