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NCAAF Sat 9/22

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  • NCAAF Sat 9/22

    ATS 28-37 (-13.72 units)
    dog ML's 3-8 (-0.28 units)
    total 31-45 (-14.00 units)

    Early games:

    Vagina +4.5 (+100)
    NC State +7.5 (-105)
    Mississippi +24.5

    3 units each

    North Carolina +13.5 (+100)
    East Carolina +24 (-102)

    2 units each

    Not sure how good GT really is after getting handled at home by BC last week. Beating ND and Samford doesn't hold a hell of alot of weight with me. I don't think UVA is that good, but they aren't complete garbage either, and they're home and getting +4.5 against a team who appears to be overrated. For what it's worth, GT has lost 7 straight at UVA, lol.

    Ole Miss pretty much stinks, but the public is overlooking a possible letdown for UF here IMO. Yes, UF is 24 points better than Ole Miss, but having just played Tennessee, and with Auburn on deck, I don't like the spot the Gators are in today.

    I believe Clemson is also a tad over rated. They won a the Bowden Bowl rivalry, and looked good for a half in doing so. Then they proceeded to beat up on 2 nobody's in LA Monroe and Furman. All 3 games at home. Remember how poorly Clemson finished last year. Teams figured out if you stop their running attack....something I'm sure LA Monroe and Furman were unable to do. NC St should have more success in doing so. Today will be their first road test, and I think NC St hangs, if not pulls the "upset".

    I believe the public has finally caught on to USF after they went into Auburn and won. They're ranked for the first time ever, and now they have the pressure to perform. USF has a fine team, but I think many are over reacting a bit, especially after Auburn managed to lose again last week at home to Mississippi St. Oh yea, USF has West Virginia on deck this coming Friday night. Another possible flat spot for the big fave.

    E Carolina has had success stopping the WVU rushing attack in the past. I think WVU will let them hang around with their often porous defense too. Ditto for WVU on the possible flat spot, having USF on deck in prime time.

    Next plays will probably be 3:00 and 3:30 eastern games....

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    GL Stif
    NFL 0-0 +0.00units

    NCAAF 8-10 -9.20units


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      GL Stiff


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        GL Stiff :beerbang:
        its my way or the lame way.

        2016 NFL:
        straight up 14-7-1 (+10.9u)
        parlays 0-1 (-1u)
        total: +9.9u


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          gl stif
          NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
          NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
          NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
          NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


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            Penn St -2 (-105)
            Michigan St -10 (-107)

            2 units each

            Yes, I realize PSU hasn't beaten Michigan in 8 years. What that has to do with this game, however, I'm not quite sure. I only see it as a big time revenge situation for PSU, and a game they will most certainly be up for, and I'm stepping out and taking a chance here on what I feel is quite the better team.

            In addition, despite the fact that their defensive numbers may be a bit inflated due to playing lesser competition, the PSU defense can stop the run. Mallett is IMO going to try to have to beat their defense thru the air, and I'll take my chances there.

            PSU doesn't exactly have an explosive offense, but I think too much is being made about teams beating Michigan who run the "spread offense". Shutting out Notre Dame is nothing to get too excited about IMO, as they have NEGATIVE rushing yards for the whole season, and 1 whole touchdown in those 3 games, and they didn't show a prayer of stopping anyone else in recent memory.

            Turnovers very well may decide the game, and I see Michigan having a far better chance of committing them than PSU.

            I also hear alot about how Michigan St sucks and struggled against poor opposition. Just what exactly is Notre Dame? At least Michigan St can score points, and they have gotta have serious revenge on their minds as well after what happened to them at home at the hands of Notre Dame. I realize Mich St has been prone to the late game meltdown, but there's no Brady Quinn to bring ND back this year, and ND has gotten shellacked by everyone they've faced so far this season. I can't think of one good reason why that should stop today? 10 points isn't alot to lay in CFB, especially when you're going against a team who has scored a total of 13 points in its first 3 games combined.

            I'm gonna have more plays, but I doubt I'm gonna have time to do write ups on all of them.


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              Oklahoma St +6.5 (-105)
              Idaho -3 (-109)
              Buffalo U +3 (-120)
              Arkansas -7
              Alabama -3.5 (+100)

              2 units each

              Still eyeing a couple others. Mostly late games.


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                to bad you didn't have a Syracuse snafu this week!
                :bang: 1 unit = 100 CAD

                14-19 -1115

                4-4 -260

                MLB Playoffs
                1-1 0

                3-5 -175


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                  One of these days I'll get something going instead of win 1, lose 1. I layed off a bunch of winners this afternoon trying to limit my card too. I hate when I do that :bang:

                  Anyway, night games:

                  Minnesota +15
                  UNLV/Utah under 49 (-107)
                  Stanford +19.5
                  UCLA -5.5 (-108)

                  2 units each